Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Favorites: Bright Spots in a Tough Week

This week has been hard. We've been sick, sleep deprived, stressed, and overwhelmed. Definitely not fun and definitely not what I had in mind for the week. After the boys and I spent the weekend sick and after 2 missed days of school this week and after Terrell and I stayed up late into the night discussing the future (specifically my career/job/income contribution plan for the future... my LEAST favorite discussion topic ever) and after Layton decided not to sleep through the night for the majority of the week, we've made it to Friday and survived yet another crazy week of challenges and adjustments and stress. Sorry about the run-on sentence. This week just wasn't easy and I'm happy to put it behind me and move on.

While the week as a whole wasn't my favorite, I did have several bright spots this week that reminded me to count my blessings and just how good God is. Thank you Jesus.

*Garrison ended up having a strep and ear infection combo so he missed Monday and Tuesday of school and we all hung out at home trying to get well. (Big sigh. The 2nd week of school. Boo.) I loved seeing my big boys playing together just about all day long, or at least when they felt like it. During one of our sick days the boys decided to "camp out" in the living room with their books and animals. They were all comfy and content and requested all lights be turned off. Presh.

*The big boys and I also enjoyed several games of Hi Ho Cherry-O. Austin is finally able to play and follow the rules. Yay!

*Rocking this sweet baby for every single nap and bedtime is one of my most favorite things. I am so blessed to be home with him all the time!
*I go a new do! I got inches cut off, layered it all up, and now I just literally dry it and go every morning. Such a time-saver!! I'm learning to embrace the hair I have. Ha! This picture doesn't show the waves and flips and free-spiritness of the back so you'll have to trust me when I say there's some craziness going on. But I like it. And I have the option of straightening it and turning it under, or of using gel and "scrunching". Yay. =)

*I enjoyed a GREAT shopping trip with these 2 this week for daddy's birthday. They did awesome!

*We are all still adjusting to Kindergarten and big school hours (missing 2 days this week didn't help) so the mornings have been a tad challenging, BUT, I love seeing this smiling face after school and hearing all about his day every afternoon. And, I'm sooo thankful he's feeling better!
*This little man decided to taste his toes this week. So cute!! I just can't get enough of him!

*We finally got outside for the first time this week on yesterday. Yay! (P.S. Come on Fall!)

*This sweet boy drew us a special surprise picture yesterday. It's a picture of the temple Solomon built from his Bible we've been reading from every night. He also decided to draw a picture of Mary and baby Jesus in the temple with Solomon. Bless it. And he was very proud he knew how to spell "hot" to go with the fire. Just precious.

*This back to school prayer is exactly what I'm praying for my biggest this school year. I love it!

Now we are looking forward to a normal, sick-free weekend!! And I'm hoping to get back on track with blogging next week. This week was so draining I just had nothing to offer. Haha. Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

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