Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Favorites: First Week, Last Week Edition

This week has been interesting. Full of changes, full of ajustments, full of newness, and full of oldness if you consider our house. Haha. This week was our very first week living here in B'ville and our very last week of summer. I'm surprised I've kept the emotions in check so well all week because that right there is just a LOT to handle. Gracious. New old house and Kindergarten coming fast. Yep, it's a small miracle I've made it through the week without losing my mind and being an overall hot mess. Anyway. Moving on to my favorite moments from the week...

*We celebrated my sister's birthday on Sunday night by going out to dinner and then doing cake and presents back at my parents' house. We had a great time and loved saying goodnight and driving approximately 5 minutes to get home. =)

*My firstborn has the sweetest, most loving heart. Either he knew I was upset about not having any family pictures around the house or he noticed we didn't have any so he decided to draw us a few himself. These are my favorites. A family portrait and a picture of our old house and our new house with "G" representing the fact that both houses are in Georgia. I just love him. He totally melted my heart with his sweet little gesture.

*The big boys shared their legos with Latyon this week... and baby brother was a fan! He held onto them and looked at them and was overall amused by them. =) Garrison and Austin were so proud.
*The weather turned cooler and we were able to get outside in our huge new backyard. The boys have loved playing outside this week. 

*We tried out the driveway too. The big boys give our new yard 2 thumbs up!

*This little man found his feet this week!! One of my favorite little milestones ever! SO CUTE!

*On Wednesday morning, the coolest most perfect weather day, I took the boys to Dauset Trails. We had such a fun time! We will definitely be taking advantage of this nearby "nature center" again. The boys' favorites were the reptiles (they LOVED the alligators and turtles) and the cougar. They really loved all the animals they saw but the reptiles and cougar seemed to stand out.

Layton did awesome and had a good time too. Can't beat strolling around outside on a perfect weather day.

*Bath time with this little man is always a highlight. Rub a dub dub. =)
*Yesterday afternoon the boys and I went out to Dairy Queen for ice cream at snack time. Big hit. They fell in love with the mini oreo blizzard. I can't wait til I get to have ice cream again!! Oh a mama's sacrifices are numerous... 

Layton was totally content and just hung out. Keeping up with big brothers is just 2nd nature.

Today is going to be busy but fun. And the BIGGEST thing going on is Kindergarten Open House. I *think* I'm ready.... not for starting big school and my baby being away from me most of the day and Austin missing his best playmate and the cycle that begins leading to high school graduation. Nope not ready for any of that. But I do feel ready for Open House. Ready to see his classroom and meet his teacher and help prepare my biggest for this milestone and give him confidence to soar at big school. One day at a time. One day at a time. Praying hard for a smooth transition for Garrison and for a great year for him, his classmates, and teacher. Happy Friday!!

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