Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Settling In

Well, we are officially Barnesvillians again. After over 9 years in 2 different cities we're back home where we were born and raised and where we've always wanted to raise our family.  And honestly it's sort of surreal. It feels kind of like we're just here visiting for a while like we've done countless times throughout our 9 years livng away, except this time we get stay! =)

Moving day was loonnnng and exhausting. It took FOREVER and felt never-ending and didn't go at all like we expected or planned for. We thought we'd be moved in and starting to unpack by mid-afternoon on moving day. WRONG. Unfortunately, the movers took way longer than expected AND we had big time issues with some massive furniture of ours and our refrigerator not wanting to fit inside the rental house. Finally I had a mild I'matmybreakingpoint pity party around 10:00 Saturday night due to being exhausted and overwhelmed and unsure of us moving into this house. At that point we were surrounded by boxes, totally and completely worn out, and had had nothing to eat or drink for hours and hours. It just wasn't fun. The good news is that since then, things have improved. Praise the Lord!

While we still don't have every single thing unpacked and still can't find a few things we need and still have some things to do around here to make this house feel like home, we are getting somewhat settled in. And that feels good. Terrell and I are figuring out how to co-exist in a teeny, tiny bathroom together. I'm figuring out how to maneuver around a kitchen that's about a fifth of the size of my old one in Covington. (That's only a slight exaggeration by the way. This kitchen is smallllll.) We're learning to live without all of our things and extras we had in our old house. And, we're adjusting to life in the country. We're a mile or so outside city limits but are surrounded by a good bit of land and neighbors with lots of animals. It's been a pretty crazy adjustment since we're so used to subdivision city life. Ha!

We've definitely had some challenges these first few days, but we also know and have accepted it's going to take time to adjust (and repair all the countless "issues" that come with an old house that hasn't been lived in in a while) and more importantly that this is temporary.

I think for me, my biggest concern going into the move was about being in a tiny, old house all day long. I mean, being a stay-at-home mom, the home is like my full-time space. It's where I work and live and do just about everything. And the thought of downsizing to an older home and going without so many toys and things and square feet during the day with the boys sort of freaked me out. I was super concerend about how to function and go about our routine with 2 busy boys and a baby in this house. It was my biggest fear and source of anxiety by far. The reality though, now that I'm expereincing it this week, has been much better than I anticipated. I was prepared for the worst and challenges at every turn, but the boys have adjusted GREAT and I have managed pretty well too. We've had some really good days so far, which is so much more than I expected. God's grace is oh so good.

The unexpected this week has come in the form of waking up here and having that strange feeling that I'm not at home. It feels almost like I'm at a hotel or something. I'm ready for that feeling to go away. And I had a big wave of sadness come over me over not having any pictures and photos around this house. (But we're getting those out soon!) I've also had some unexpected moments of feeling bad homesick for my house in Covington. Definitely didn't see that one coming.

The good news is that we are THRILLED with being back in the hometown. I am loving running errands around this place I've missed so much. I'm loving having family close and seeing my grandparents riding down the road. =) I'm loving catching up with my 2nd grade teacher and a special family friend at the grocery store. We're all loving daddy's short commute and regular hours. And I am sooo excited and grateful my baby starts Kindergarten here and our busy, fun Fall season takes place HERE. Yaaaaaay!!

The good is overwhelmingly good and the not so good is just taking some time to get used to or figured out. Slowly but surely we will be settled and slowly but surely we'll get used to this house. And then we'll get to move again! (Pray for our house to sell!)

***We can't thank our families enough for all of their help with getting us moved. It was a HUGE group effort between baby-sitting for the kids, the actually moving, unpacking, getting the rental house ready for us, making repairs for us, etc. We are SO, SO grateful for the most supportive family ever. Seriously. We are blessed! BIG THANK YOU to my parents, Terrell's parents, and my sister and brother-in-law. We couldn't have pulled it off without you!!


Lauren and Eddie said...

This is exactly how I've felt the past year! Our bathroom is REALLY about five feet by 8 feet. Our kitchen is about ten by ten. REALLY. I went from 2100 sq feet to 1400. It's a BIG difference. I haven't gotten used to the kitchen or bathroom yet. THANKFULLY, we're moving into a new house within the next two months (3 weeks to closing, 3 weeks of paint/carpet, etc.) and the kitchen and bathroom are VERY nice sizes. Hoping you'll be there soon, too!

Cathy Schwartz said...

Everybody dreads the moment they'll be unpacking boxes for their big move. Settling in can be pretty frustrating, but think of the new journey you're about to venture. It may takes hours and hours to unpack and arrange the furniture, but it's definitely all worth it. Hahaha! In any case, I hope you're all settling in well on your new home, Meggie. All the best! :)

Cathy Schwartz @ Best Rate Removalsl

Clay Delgado said...

Awww! I totally understand why you felt that way. Moving to an unknown place is really quite scary, and it's such a feat to go out and make introductions to new neighbors. Let's also not forget about how hard it is to pack and unpack tons and tons of boxes. Whew! It can totally be exhausting, but I hope you're doing well and settling in nicely, Meggie. All the best to you! :)

Clay Delgado @ World Packaging Co