Sunday, July 20, 2014

Beach Vacay 2014~ Part 1

We are home from our wild and wonderful week at the beach! This year proved to be FUN with a side of crazy. But I think we all loved just about every single minute. (Except for one reeeally bad outing that I may or may not elaborate on later.)

This year we vacationed somewhere new. We stayed in Santa Rosa Beach, the last "beach town" on Florida's 30-A before you get to Destin. When searching for an affordable, large, pet-friendly beach house your search kinda widens because afforadable, LARGE, pet-friendly. This year we also stayed across the street from the beach for the first time ever... which was a little more challenging when it came to getting all our stuff (and children) to the beach everyday, but we still had a pretty wonderful experience. The weather was WAY better this year and the boys had so much fun! So did all the grown-ups! Double yay. =)

We had an amazingly easy trip down with 3 boys in a row in the backseat. They did AWESOME. I brought along little surprises and snacks to keep them occupied and was sooo proud (and a little surprised!) at how well they did. *Hopefully* we'll have a bigger vehicle for our next vacation but I have to say the ole Jeep did just fine. (And huge thanks to my parents for letting Bailey ride with them!!)

I love to snap pics of the boys our very first time down to the beach on Saturday evening after we're unpacked and unloaded at the house. Their excitment is just contagious and something I always want to capture and remember. We only make it to the beach once a year during the summer for a whole week, so it is something to be excited about. A pretty big deal for sure. =)

Our first 2 days were gorgeous. The water was beautiful and the weather was wonderful. Such a great start to our vacay!!  


Garrison was immediately drawn to the ocean this year. Yay! He ended up loving it and couldn't get enough of it. Austin was immediately drawn to playing in the sand (not a huge fan of the ocean). He spent hours playing in the sand and everyday when it was time to come in he was covered in it head to toe. And Layton was immediately drawn to falling asleep on the beach... especially while someone was holding him. The white noise from the ocean, the breeze blowing, and being held in someone's arms were the perfect combination for baby boy. 

We had a really wonderful start to our week away. Favorite memories from our first 2 days... The beautiful weather and water, watching my big boys enjoy the beach, staying in and eating delicious steaks prepared by Granna and Papa, laughing hard with my hubby, parents, sister, and brother-in-law, swimming in the ocean with Terrell and Garrison, taking a walk with Austin and Layton, and hanging out on the beach with the whole fam.
More recaps coming soon... along with a birthday update on my littlest. Layton turned 5 months old on the 12th, the day we set off for the beach. =)


Melissa said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the first reactions to the beach!

It's funny y'all went there, that's where we are going for our 10 yr Anniversary trip in March. I've got a good friend who's vacationed there for years and raves about it and she suggested it to me. Seems like a great relaxing place!

Lauren and Eddie said...

I love the whole 30A area. I haven't ever vacationed there, but I do have a very good friend who lives there and I've gone to visit a handful of times in the past 15 years. BEAUTIFUL place.