Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Layton's Nursery

Before we pack up Layton's nursery and prepare to move to another house with a much more bare nursery, *tear*, I wanted to photograph it for the baby book... and therefore the blog.

With this being our 3rd baby boy's nursery, the furniture and set-up remained the same all 3 rounds. We changed the bedding and some of the decor with each baby, but never painted the walls or changed or rearranged furniture or did anything super different. While we wanted each boy's room to be his own and unique to him, we also understood it didn't make sense to do a TOTAL makeover of the nursery for each baby. Time, energy, and money also played a role in that decision. =)

Anyway, with Layton's nursery I decided to go with a sports theme because of wanting his room and the big boy room to overlap a little. Who knows who will be sharing rooms in the future and what will get handed down to who, so I decided I really wanted some overlap and consistency with the rooms. And even though Layton's nursery turned out more "boyish" than "babyish", I have loved this little room and his sports decor and bedding and fun, boyish look. It fits our family and it fits our baby boy.

So here's a little tour...

Looking in from the door

Layton's lamp is one of my favorite things in the room. We use the lamp more than the ceiling fan light and the whistle you pull to turn it on is just too cute. (I think it's from Target.. all other decor is from Hobby Lobby)
My parents got us Layton's bedding from Pottery Barn. LOVE. The mobile was a gift from my sister and came from Target. The mobile is one of Layton's favorite things in his room. =)
This is the view from the window... The wreath hanging in his room wasn't in my orignal plans but it was a special Welcome home-It's a Boy wreath so after leaving it on our front door for his first month we just moved it to the nursery.

Simple. Sweet. Functional. Sports. Boy. Layton. It sums up our nursery. I know I'll miss it when we move, but I also know that Layton's nursery will still be his, and that's the most important part of the room, him. =)

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