Thursday, July 3, 2014

Friday Favorites: Before the Long Weekend Edition

We have had a really good week. (Especially after I got past my little pity party and anxiety over moving to the rental house.) Terrell and I have been working every night on packing, which has been exhausting, but the days have been so nice. Of course my little men have kept me busy, but I have enjoyed SO much how smooth this week has been for me and the kiddos. And I am very much looking forward to our long weekend and celebrating the 4th!

Here's my favs from the week...

*Sunday morning before church. Our last Sunday at FBC Covington. It was bittersweet to say goodbye but so exciting to know we'll be at our home church soon! 

*This little man started rice cereal this week! He wasn't too impressed at first. Haha. Thankfully he's enjoying it more and more now.

*Having daddy home more this week has been so nice! (He's training nearby so his hours have been normal this week.) The big boys have been soaking up time with daddy... and watching plenty of Braves' recaps since they have to go to bed in the 1st or 2nd inning every night. =)

*We went back to McDonald's for the first time since the TOTAL craziness happened there. And, we had no issues! No getting stuck at the top, no public meltdowns, no drama, no need for a stranger to carry one of my children to the car for me! It was wonderful.

*Layton did great too... He loved watching his big brothers.
*Packing progress! This was earlier this week... now the kitchen is done except for the bare essentials!!

*Garrison decided to try broccoli this week! I was SHOCKED... and thought it was pretty brave. I never ate broccoli as a child. Terrell Selph has probably never willingly touched a piece of broccoli. Garrison ate 1 piece everyday all week with lunch... and washed it down good with his capri sun. Ha.

*And Austin decided he likes almonds this week! Yay for healthy eating!!

*Breaking news for the blog... we have a pet lizard. He adopted us. He lives on our patio and we see him almost every single time we go out the back door. He's lived with us for months now. And it's almost time to say goodbye. Hope he's okay without us.

Happy 4th of July and happy long weekend!!

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