Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Favorites: Counting Down Edition

Adjectives I'd use to describe this week: Busy. Tiring. Fun. Emotional. Exciting. Hard. Crazy.
Yep, that sums up the week.

We're packing up the house and already moving some of our things. I got my big boy registered for Kindergarten. We started packing for vacation. (Packing is like our middle name.) We started feeling sick over all the things we're packing up that won't be unpacked at the rental house. (Okay, so maybe that was just me.) We enjoyed some "one last time" outings here before we move. We shopped for vacation and finalized some beach plans. We felt hormonal between all the packing up, downsizing, starting Kindergarten, renting a house, packing up some more, etc. (Okay, so maybe that was just me again.)

ANYWAY. Here are my favs from the week as we count down to the beach and our last week calling this place home.

*We took the boys bowling over the long holiday weekend. This was one of our summer outings we wanted to do as a family. My big boys loved it.

AND, we added another little member to our team! Layton wasn't in my belly for this bowling game! He got to watch up close and personal and seemed to really enjoy himself. =)

*We took the boys to Steak and Shake one last time. I'm sure we'll eventually go back to a Steak and Shake at some point in the future, but this particular one was fairly close by and somewhere we frequented pretty regularly over the years here.

*Garrison and Austin spent a couple of days with their grandparents and cousins so I was able to have some extra quality time with this little man. We were sort of lost without the big brothers but we managed okay. =) I think Layton enjoyed the low-key, quiet life for a couple of days and I know my big boys had a ball with Nana and Pops and Allison and Shannon.

*I took the boys back to Chuck E Cheese one last time. Again, I know we'll probably eventually go back to one, but this one in particular was 20 minutes from our house and has been a regular outing for us for about 3 years. We cashed in all our tickets this time too. We had about 300 saved up. =)

*I took the boys to Scoops one last time. It's on our square and such a neat ice cream/candy/treat parlor. It was delish as always. 

Even though Layton never directly tasted the yumminess from Scoops, he was not deprived of the experience. =)
This week definitely had it's highs and lows, but we are continually amazed at how God is working everything out and we are soooo grateful for His grace. I've had this song in my head all week. His grace has found me every moment of this roller coaster week.
Now, we're looking forward to our beach escape and a break from all the packing and craziness and busyness going on! I'm hoping to update with a vacay recap or two when we get back. Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, and Happy Week!!  

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