Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beach Vacay 2014~ Part 2

Moving right along on our recap...

On Tuesday morning we had reservations for a pirate cruise for our big boys! We thought we might get rained out but the rain stopped (for the most part) long enough for us to get in our special outing. It was a HUGE hit and so much fun!

The boys were super excited but super apprehensive when we first set sail. But after getting over their initial concerns and nerves and just a few tears, they were good to go and had the best time! They got to have a water gun fight, sword fight, swab the deck, get their faces painted, see treasure, find treasure, pick out treasure, and be sworn in as real pirates. It was the cutest thing ever. By the end of the cruise they were SO into it and taking their jobs so serious. They got to help find stolen treasure after all. And become real pirates. It was so, so fun! Thanks Megan for recommending it to us!!

After the cruise we met my parents (who kept Layton for us) and took our pirates out to lunch. Then we got WET. Haha. But we're thankful we still got in our pirate cruise and had time away from the house on the rainy day. By that afternoon the weather had cleared up and my big boys enjoyed some pool time with daddy. The big boys LOVED the pool this vacation. (Although the pool being pretty small was sort of challenging... 12 person limit and everything. Ha!)
The big boys also enjoyed baseball on the beach. I think they played every single day.

And Layton enjoyed being held under the shade of the tent.

Family shot!
This sweet boy fell asleep 2 days in a row on the beach. Precious.
Favorite memories from our mid-week days: The pirate cruise, Layton and I hanging out at the pool watching the big boys swim, watching Garrison LOVE the ocean, watching Austin sleep on the beach, laughing hard with the family again, enjoying spaghetti prepared by AnAn, and having a positive out-to-eat experience after a reeeally terrible one. =) One more recap to go!


Megan said...

Ok, Megs I have to know about this horrible eating experience. LOL. Glad yall loved the pirate ship as much as we did!

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness... That pirate cruise... My boys would love! Must do that! Yours looked soooo cute!!!