Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Long Weekend

We had a really busy, full of fun, long weekend. The best kind!

We kicked things off Friday night by planning to take our big boys to our high school's football game. We just knew they would love it. And one of them did. Our oldest. Austin, however, was not a fan. He was terrified. I should've known by the look on his face in this picture it wasn't going to end well. Poor baby. The game was a huge rivalry game and it was crowded and the noise was out of control and he cried and cried and quite literally freaked out wanting to leave. So I took him home to my mom who was already there keeping Layton and all was well. So far, we don't think he's scarred or anything.

At least Garrison had fun! He was really into the game and didn't want to leave! Maybe Austin can try out another game next season. This one was just a little too up close and personal for him I think.
On Saturday we celebrated Austin's birthday as a family by going to the zoo! And we all had a great time! Muuuch better experience than the night before. =)

Our original plan for Austin's "birthday experience" (something special we like to do for each kiddo as part of their present), was a Braves game. It would've been perfect considering his upcoming baseball party and love of the game. However, we couldn't work it out this late in the season for a reasonable price so we opted for the zoo instead. And we all had a really great time. I think the zoo was pretty perfect for our birthday boy.
Plus, Layton got to attend this family outing and he was pretty impressed too! =)

The weather was really great on Saturday morning and didn't get super hot until after lunch when we were almost ready to go. I think riding the carousel twice and the family of gorillas was probably their favorite part of the trip. The whole fam was pretty exhausted on the way home.

Saturday night was spent at home watching the Georgia game. Yay for a better season opener than last year! My big boys were wide open during the game (apparently football games don't quite hold their full attention just yet), but Terrell did great being a patient daddy and a nervous fan. =)

Sunday turned out to be really fun and productive. Terrell got Austin's birthday present put together (which is hiding at my parents' house) and then we grilled out with my parents Sunday night. There is just nothing quite like Sunday nights with a day off on Monday. It really is one of the best things ever. And I finally let the boys play on the playground in my parents' neighborhood that they've been begging to play on. We were melting after approximately 4 minutes. I toughed it out and survived 20 and then declared it too hot. I am SO ready for Fall temps!

Yesterday we spent most of the day in Covington... we went to check on our house and take care of a few things there, plus bring back a load of decorative stuff we left hanging on the walls. And we couldn't go back to Covington without going out to eat at Stevi B's. It was a fun day. Then after naptime the boys played in the sprinkler and the baby pool while daddy washed cars. I'm pretty sure they thought this was the perfect way to wrap up our long weekend.

**Pray for me today and tomorrow as I get a trial run at keeping a sweet baby girl! I'm nervous but excited to get a preview and first-hand experience of what it will be like in the future once I start my new job. =) Happy Tuesday!

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