Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites: Fall is Here!

We have had a pretty great first week of Fall. Austin and I started a new theme this week, things went really well keeping Baby M (and I'll be keeping her 3-4 days next week too), we thoroughly enjoyed the weather and spent lots of time outside... it's just been a busy, fun, different but still normal, good week. Yay. 

Here are my favorite moments...

*The new thematic unit I decided on for Austin was Fall... apples, leaves, pumpkins, weather changes, etc. We'll do our Fall theme into the month of October and then eventually switch our focus to more Halloween related fun. =) Austin's favorite activities this week were "Apple Tree Comparing" and "Leaf Patterns". (Just for my own memory so I can repeat this for Layton one day I'm going to elaborate.)

With the apple trees, we made our trees first and then used red pom poms for our apples. I wrote down a number and he placed that many "apples" on one tree, then I wrote down a second number and he placed that many apples on the second tree. Then he had to tell me which tree had the most apples. Number recognition, counting, number sense, and fine motor practice all had a place in this little activity, AND, he had fun doing it. Success!
With the leaf patterns I just pulled out my fake leaves and started a pattern that he had to finish. So simple but really engaging and really good pattern practice. We also made patterns with acorns and pine cones we had stashed away.

*Student of the Month lunch with our biggest! We are sooo proud of Garrison. Big school continues to be a bit of an adjustment for him (the days are still long) and he definitely has his faults, so this honor was a big deal. We loved having lunch with him (he picked Zaxbys!) and he felt SO special. And, we let him decide if he wanted to check out after lunch or stay at school... he decided to come home early. =) It was a fun and special day. (BIG thanks to my mom for taking her lunch break and coming over to hold down the fort with Austin, Layton, and Baby M so I wouldn't have to miss a special lunch with my favorite Kindergartner.)

*A morning at the park! I ventured out with Austin, Layton, and Baby M to the park on Wednesday morning and even though we couldn't stay as long as we would've liked to (feeding schedules and naptime schedules always take top priority when wrangling 3), it was a beautiful day and I think the whole crew had fun! I am definitely getting the hang of things with my new job. =) I'm still not keeping her full-time but definitely more regularly and I think I have a good system down... especially since they are all on pretty much the same schedule. God's provisions are never ending.

*Austin, Layton, and I got to have lunch with my Nanny yesterday. Such a treat! We love living in the hometown!!

*Last night I took the big boys to Garrison's soccer practice... and while Garrison practiced with his team, Austin and I practiced on a separate field. We had so much fun running and chasing each other down and honing our soccer skills. And I think the one-on-one time for my middle has been great for him. I'm hoping to carve out lots of one-on-one time for my firstborn during his Fall Break when his little brothers are napping. Alone time with mama or daddy for each little man is always a good thing. =)

*Favorite quote of the week:
God has no problems, only plans. There is never panic in heaven. ~ Corrie ten Boom
I LOVE this. It's so comforting and reassuring to remember.

*Least favorite moment this week: Austin had a MAJOR, MASSIVE, AWFUL meltdown leaving the school on Thursday morning after we dropped Garrison off. (The days I keep Baby M, Terrell has to take him to school and my mom has to pick him up and bring him home... at least until we can upgrade our vehicle... so I was really looking forward to Thursday and walking in my Kindergartner. Sigh.) I think this particular meltdown goes down in history as our worst ever due to the number of witnesses. How embarrassing! Thank goodness my friend Megan was walking out with me and took over pushing Layton in the stroller and getting him in the car while I fought and wrestled and wrangled and struggled with my kicking, screaming, wailing, flailing 3 year old. It wasn't pretty. Thankfully I know Megan understood (and probably, *hopefully* most other parents too), and this morning was MUCH better. Thank you Jesus.

This weekend we are looking forward to good family time tonight, Garrison's soccer game in the morning, a day date (12 noon til 7:00 PM... woohoo!) for mama and daddy tomorrow, and a fun Sunday at church with a special preschool/chidren's party and lunch afterwards. So excited about another great weekend! Happy Friday!!

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