Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites... Finally

This week has been a bit of a doozie. We've had stitches, a touch of sickness for almost everyone in the household, a sleepless night, and just the usual crazy busy life stuff. I'm tired. But thankfully it's Friday and we have the weekend to look forward to. And hopefully the weekend will give us a chance to all get well and back to 100%.

My favorite happenings from the week...

*Sunday morning ready for church! Even though Layton wasn't having it, I just love matching boys way too much to not get a picture. Terrell's mom found these shirts for them... yay for a matching shirt in ALL 3 sizes!

*The big boys got to enjoy the waterslide from Austin's party one more day before it was time for it to be picked up. They both loved it this year and since we live here now we were able to take full advantage. Yay!

*Austin, Layton, and I had a fun time at the library and Story Time this week!
*We were able to get outside one afternoon this week that wasn't unbearably hot. So thankful we're supposed to get a preview of Fall weather soon! These were the cool dudes Layton and I had the pleasure of hanging out with. =)
*Austin's favorite school project this week was his "shape fire engine" (Original idea here.) Since Austin knows all of his basic shapes really well, we just had fun putting this together and then counting shapes and comparing sizes of shapes and talking about biggest and smallest, greatest and least. I am very proud of my little student and his love of learning.

*Garrison's Student of Month letter and super cute school pictures came home the same day he fell and hit his head and did an AMAZING job getting 3 stitches! Pretty proud of my biggest too... and thankful he's okay!

*This sweet boy (who is 7 months old today!) is the cutest thing ever after his baths. Just precious. He's congested and coughing now (boo) but he was happy and clean and just wonderful this particular night after his bath.

We are looking forward to Austin's first soccer game in the morning and a pretty low-key and hopefully RESTFUL weekend. Happy Friday afternoon!!

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