Monday, September 8, 2014

Austin's 3rd Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated Austin's 3rd birthday with lots of family and FUN and I think the birthday boy loved every second! Yay for baseball party success!!

(Austin decided on a baseball party for his 3rd birthday over the summer when we first mentioned a party theme to him... and he never wavered once. He knew what he wanted and he stuck with it. And I can reeally appreciate some decisive decision making around here since at least two fifths of our household is the exact opposite. Ahem... pointing to myself and my firstborn...)

We held the party at my parents' house (HUGE THANK YOU to Granna and Papa!!) again this year in keeping with the tradition of having the first 3 birthdays at home and because of our teeny, tiny house not being an option. We are so thankful for my parents hosting so many birthday parties for us! This was a super fun party to plan...we loved doing concession stand food and decor of all things baseball. I think it all came together perfectly and was pretty special for our birthday boy. =)

My amazingly talented friend Megan designed our invitations for us and they turned out just PERFECT! She designs all of our invites and cards for us year after year and every single time we are in love with the finished product! Thanks again Megan!!

Family shot before the party began. =)
Party entrance! My sister let us use her Braves wreath on my parents' front door and it was perfect for welcoming guests to our party. Thanks AnAn!!
Party decor!
I always like to do some kind of picture display at every party, with 1st and 2nd birthdays being the biggest and then sort of toning it down starting at the 3rd bday party. Wonder how my boys will feel about a few pictures of them displayed at their birthday parties when they're teenagers? =)
I stole this centerpiece idea from a friend and loved how it turned out! We never have a "party table" full of all our food and decor because we need all the tables for seating since we always serve a meal at our "home parties". This year our "concession stand" had hotdogs, peanuts, popcorn, nachos, and fruit.
Another centerpiece... The number 3, sunflower seeds, cracker jacks, and a tin pail of peanuts.
And another centerpiece... They were really fun to come up with and I thought they turned out pretty cute.
The cake table!
It turned out adorable and oh so yummy! And my mom made the most delicious white chocolate dipped oreo baseballs. The sugar was overflowing!
And this year I finally remembered to get a picture of the favors. We used little red pails and filled them with Baby Ruth candy bars, a pack of baseball cards, a squishy baseball, stickers, a wooden bat keychain, and a "magic towel". I made our nieces' favors slightly more girly. =)

The waterslide was a HUGE hit and Austin loved it this year! Yay! He was sort of nervous at first (which made me wonder if he'd miss out on the fun just like last year), but thankfully once he got used to it he had the best time! The other kiddos loved it too. Jumping in the pool of water at the bottom was one of Austin's favorite things. =)
Opening presents was pretty fun for the birthday boy too. Of course!

His 2 big tranportation gifts came from Nana and Pops and Granna and Papa and he is so excited about them both!

Singing Happy Birthday was one of my favorite parts of the party. Austin sang the entire song with everyone the whole way through. So adorable! Garrison's face in the bottom corner is pretty funny too. He thought it was hilarious that Austin sang Happy Birthday to himself with everybody else.

Austin's 3rd birthday party was SO fun and a super special way to celebrate our middle man! Thanks to all of our family for coming and helping us celebrate our very favorite 3 year old!! And many, many, MANY thanks go out to the grandparents for all of their help with everything from party planning, to party hosting, to providing and manning the waterslide, to last minute purchases, to helping out with Layton during the party so I could focus on Austin. It was truly a team effort and Terrell and I were so blessed by everyone's help and generosity. Yay for a successful 3rd birthday party in the books!

Happy Birthday again to our sweet 3 year old, Austin Selph!!

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