Monday, September 22, 2014

Buggy Days Weekend: The Highlights

Buggy Days weekend did not disappoint. We had a great one! The weather was perfect, the kids were perfect (or as close to perfect as they could be), LIVING HERE was perfect, and the weekend was pretty close to perfect too.

(Check out this post from last year's Buggy Days... SO blessed, SO grateful, SO amazed that this year we really do live 5 minutes away!)

Here's a run-down, with a just a few pics thrown in too...

*We woke up Saturday morning to a major leak in our basement (PANIC), but were able to get in touch with a plumber who could come out mid-day. Praise the Lord!

*We made it to town early and went straight to the kids area. The boys played on jumpy's, slides, obstacle courses, and rode the kiddie train. They had a blast. And I was all over the place trying to keep up with them since they went separate directions almost the entire morning.

*We pulled them away from the kiddie area long enough to walk down one street of booths before we decided it was time to get lunch.

*As soon as we got our lunch, the plumber called, so Terrell had to dash away to meet him while I ate lunch with the kiddos and my parents. 

*After lunch (which also included THE BEST red velvet funnel cake ever!), Papa took the boys back to the kiddie park while my mom, sister, and I tried to make the rounds and see everything the booths had to offer. 

*Then the big boys decided to have their faces painted. And we waited in line like an hour or something crazy. I thought I was going to lose my mind. Thankfully we survived the wait AND made it to our spot to watch the parade on time. The boys were very proud of their faces and I was very proud of their ability to wait that long. Gracious.

*Meanwhile back at the house, Terrell and the plumber determined the source of the leak and were able to repair it, at least temporarily. (SO thankful it happened on a Saturday and Terrell was able to be here to help the plumber and make sure it was fixed!! We were looking at no baths or washing of clothes until it was repaired. Nooooooo. So thankful it didn't come to that!)

*Terrell made it back for the parade. Yay! The parade was good and entertaining and fun for all... except Austin wasn't a fan of the loud fire trucks (AT ALL) but everything else was a hit! 

*My Nanny took us back to our car on her golf cart. A definite highlight for my big boys. (We had already made the decision to head home after the parade for some rest time. Buggy Days totally exhausts my boys.) 

*Layton's first Buggy Days was a success! He didn't nap until we got in the car on the way home but was never fussy or high maintenance. Just really sleepy. =)
*Rest time went so-so. The boys were still wound up so they didn't totally chill out like we wanted them to but I still know we made the right decision. I'm not sure either one of them could have handled much more. Especially not my 3 year old.  

*We went to my parents' house for supper where they had brought home some "Buggy Days" food and enjoyed our night with family. We had a GREAT time until my big boys started melting and Layton fell asleep while being held in a noisy room (something that never happens). 

*Garrison was deliriously tired and acting totally CRAZY and Austin was deliriously tired and provided us with our 5th annual Buggy Days meltdown. It was fun. Sigh. (Bless their hearts.)

*We finally got the boys in bed around 8:30 after LOTS of tears and drama from our 3 year old and determined we will be able to go watch the fireworks as a family of 5 in approximately 5 years. Ha! Every time I see pictures of families with really small children watching fireworks I'm just amazed. Our babies just can't handle the full day-late night combo. Garrison had originally asked if we would take him to watch the fireworks but I don't even think he would've been able to stay up. It was a FUN day, but it was a LONG day. 

*Sunday morning we went to church and then Sunday afternoon Terrell's mom came over to keep the boys so Terrell and I could go back to Buggy Days to one store in particular we wanted to see and browse and go grocery shopping and go to Dairy Queen for dessert. Such a fun date! A very much marriedfor9yearswith3kids date, but a date nonetheless! Yay!

*We ordered pizza last night and prepared for Baby M to come over today! (I'm keeping baby girl today, tomorrow, and Wednesday and we're having a really good day so far. I can tell I've done this before and have my bearings this time around. A very good feeling that I'm super thankful for.) 

And there's the highlights from our Buggy Days. =) It was a wonderful weekend and it feels like Fall is officially here! Yaaaay!

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Laverne Knight said...

Well, it looks like you were expecting far worse, so you were lucky when you dodged that! Hopefully it has been permanently fixed by now, so that it won't bother you guys anymore. A leaky pipe could had caused a bigger problem, so getting it repaired ASAP was a good decision. Take care!

Laverne Knight @ Midland Mechanical