Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Austin at 3

My sweet baby boy turned 3 years old almost a whole week ago. And I'm still a little in shock. How can it be that we're already here? It seems like he should've stayed 2 for longer. Even though it's bittersweet to see him get older, I am loving almost every single second of watching him grow. Of course we have our share of unpleasant moments... and those I could usually do without, but oh how I love life with this one. He keeps me on my toes, keeps me laughing and entertained, and keeps me wrapped around his little finger with his mama's boy antics and sweet way he loves me. He blesses me daily and I can't get enough of him. Or his 2 brothers. =)
A peek at life with Austin at 3...
*You start the day early (we have to wake you up around 6:35) and are usually up and at 'em. So far you are definitely our "morning person" child. 
*You miss Garrison while he's at school (he's your best buddy by far) but you really seem to love school at home. You tell me every morning when you're ready for school and love doing little projects and crafts and school work. You definitely hold me accountable. =)
*You take an almost 2 hour nap every afternoon. You always sit in my lap and pick out 3-4 books for me to read to you before naptime.  
*You go to bed between 8:00 and 8:30 every night depending on how "talking time" goes with Garrison and how wound up or tired y'all are.

*You love being my helper. You hold the door open for me everywhere we go so I can get Layton's stroller in and out. You also love going to the basement with me to be my little laundry helper. Pouring in the detergent is your favorite. =)

*You are very sociable and seem to have a lot of your daddy's personality. You tell everyone hey and what your name is and how old you are all the time. You love waving to people... friends and strangers. You will carry on a conversation with anyone. You just have an out-going, friendly, personable way about you.

*You are so funny! You know how to be silly, wild, into everything, and just a mess! You crack us up all the time with the things you say and do. You are just FUN to be around.

*You are loving and affectionate and still our sweet cuddle bug. You still like to be held. You still like to sit in our laps. You give hugs and kisses all the time. You say I love you often. And I'm going to enjoy all of it for as long as it lasts! Even though I know you'll outgrow most of these little traits I'm hoping you'll always be affectionate at heart.

*You are a mama's boy through and through. Still. =) You love me in the sweetest, most sincere, BIGGEST way. Being on the receiving end of your unconditional love is a priceless gift that I am so grateful for.
*Your current favorite foods are cereal bars (Nutri Grain bars), ham, yogurt, grapes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, spaghetti, chips, and tacos. Right now, you love all of these a LOT. You are a tad inconsistent with what you like though so we'll see if this list changes before next week.

*Baseball, soccer, and golf are your favorite sports to play. You also love riding around in your car outside. You aren't a huge fan of super hot weather though so we haven't been out a ton lately. Hopefully that's about to change though! Fall is in the air!

*Your favorite TV shows right now are Team Umizoomi and Clifford. You also occasionally watch Super Why, Curious George, and Sesame Street.

*You are loving choir every Wednesday and always get compliments on how well you participate. =) I'm so thankful you got to go ahead and be included with the group even though you're one of the youngest. It is going great so far!

*You do NOT like loud noises... you especially do not like loud noises combined with something new and lots of people. You get overwhelmed and easily scared in those situations. While you are apprehensive and hesitant about brand new things, if they don't involve loud noises, you usually come around. =)

*You are a great little brother AND a great big brother. You share a special bond and love of your brothers that I'm praying remains strong forever.

*You adore your grandparents, AnAn and Frankie, and your cousins.

*You love having your back scratched! =)

We are so blessed you are part of our family, Austin Selph! Happy Birthday to our energetic, sweet, loving, full of personality, favorite 3 year old ever!! We love you!

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