Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another Day in the Life of Us

I finally remembered and made time to do a "Day in the Life" post. Finally. My first one in over a year. My first one as a mom of 3. I don't love doing these because they're time consuming and I have to make notes of things throughout the whole day so I won't forget and they turn out to be the longest post ever, BUT, I do really really appreciate them once I've done them. Looking back, I think I've done 6 total and I absolutely love and am so thankful for having a regular day recorded in history to see how things were, how things have changed, and just to remember. So here's what we were up to yesterday...

My alarm went off at 5:20 just like every morning during the week... except apparently I was dreaming so deeply about a particular house here in B'ville (one that isn't even for sale), that I hit snooze 3 times in my sleep. And I never do that! Ugh. So I started the day in a rush when I didn't get up until 5:50.

After getting myself ready just in time, I woke up the big boys at 6:40. Austin got up pretty quickly and Garrison finally made it out of bed and Terrell and I made them breakfast (I ate as I went) and got them ready before I woke up Layton around 7:00. He was already awake by the way. He's become an early bird lately. I nursed Layton while Terrell finished getting ready for work and the boys colored at their table.

Finally, around 7:25 we were loading up to head to big school.
I managed to get all 3 babies down to Garrison's classroom, talked to his teacher for minute, and then the 2 littles all the way back to the parking lot where I talked to 2 sweet friends/mamas before heading home about ten after eight.

As soon as we got home I fed Layton his breakfast... oatmeal cereal and prunes. He loved it as always. =) While I fed Layton, Austin played with the letter magnets on the fridge and drew on the magna doodle before hanging all over me and begging for a show. (I usually try to wait until Layton's nap to let him watch a show so I can be productive during that time, but yesterday morning he wasn't feeling his "independent play", so I gave in.)
I turned on Team Umizoomi for Austin, finished feeding Layton, put Layton in the swing so I could clean up the kitchen (Layton is never impressed with this), and then finallly got Layton ready for his morning nap. We read books, rocked, sang Jesus Loves Me and then he went right to sleep.
I had a few minutes to get on the computer since Austin's show wasn't off so I checked my email, responded to a couple, and then worked on a blog a little before Austin was ready for his school stuff, as he calls it.
I'm doing one more week of transportation since I didn't have time to prepare anything new over the weekend. Yesterday we went over the calendar, days of the week, etc, and then used our dot markers to do some transportation pages... which turned out to be a good little assessment.   
After finishing up "school", Austin wanted to play his new games he got for his birthday. So we played "Uno Moo" and "Don't Break the Ice" 2 times each. He is loving his new games.

Then, it was time for me to do some things around the house, so I told Austin he could choose something to play with in the living room or in his room. We're working hard on him becoming a little more independent when it comes to unstructured play. He finally found something to do on his own while I finally got around to making up our bed and straightening things up around the house. Then I went ahead and made our lunches so they'd be ready as soon as we got home from Story Time at the library.

Layton woke up around 10:20 so I got him up and fed him around 10:35 so we could make it to the library by 11:00. Story Time was fun and went really well for our first time! Austin didn't participate in everything but I think he enjoyed it and I'd like to plan to go every week.

As soon as we got home we got our lunches out of the fridge and ate. Everyday after Austin finishes lunch and clears his place, he gets to play on the Kindle while I clean up the kitchen and get Layton down for his afternoon nap.
I got Layton down for his nap around 12:30 and then got Austin down for his nap around 12:45. While they napped, I did laundry, talked to my mom, called our pharmacy, did some school prep for Austin, got the boys' after school snack ready (it's so much easier having the snack ready for them as soon as we get home from picking Garrison up instead of them complaining or fighting or getting all wound up while I get it ready), and finished yesterday's blog.

Layton and Austin were both up from their naps by 2:30, so I fed Layton and then we got ready to go pick Garrison up from school.

We got home around 3:10 and the boys ate their snack while I tended to Layton. After their snack they were ready to watch Clifford!

I got Layton settled on his playmat while the boys had their after school "chill time" on the couch and went through Garrison's bookbag and notebook and Tuesday folder. Imagine my surprise and JOY to discover Garrison had been awarded Student of the Month!! I waited til Clifford went off before telling him and this is his face when he heard the good news. He was really proud and honored. =)

Then it was homework time. And of course Austin wanted homework too so I ended up writing his name and some numbers and letters for him to trace.
After we made it through homework and reading and sight words, etc, we all played Uno Moo together and then the boys finally got to run free and play together while I started on supper. (Tuesday nights we have soccer at 6:00 so I had to get started on it before 5:00 and was thankfully making something super simple.) Anyway, the boys were having so much fun just running around the house. They were chasing each other and laughing and just doing what they do all the time... especially in the late afternoons. And Layton was totally content in his swing so I was feeling pretty good about things. All was well.

Until I heard an awful "bang". AWFUL. The kind every mom recognizes as someone's body (usually someone's head) hitting a piece of furniture. Then I heard immediate loud crying. I ran into the living room to see who was hurt and what had happened and saw them both laying on the floor crying but could see Garrison was hurt worse. He was lying face down on the floor with his arm covering his forehead. I got him up to check on him and saw a huge gash on his head and blood everywhere. (AWFUL.) It turned my stomach and I started feeling ready to panick.

To make a long story short I got him in the kitchen and applied pressure and tried to stop the bleeding while shaking and fighting tears and my heart racing and calling Terrell who was on his way home and asking him WHAT DO I DO? and him telling me to call my mom. My mom was on her way home from work and came straight over. Thank you Jesus we live in B'ville. She took care of Garrison while I tried to get in touch with a doctor... except they were all closed because it was after 5. I was still panicky and shaking and poor Garrison was still upset and scared and hurting. It was just awful. Thankfully between my mom and Terrell's mom and our hometown connections we were able to meet a family friend doctor after hours for stitches and avoided the ER. Praise God!

Garrison did AMAZING throughout the entire procedure. The nurse nicknamed him "Man of Steel". He was so brave and still and just did PERFECT. Seriously. The doctor said he was the most calm, cooperative, laid back child she had ever sutured, ever. We were SO proud and SO thankful for God's grace throughout the whole ordeal. It scared me to death but I am just beyond thankful my baby is okay and that it wasn't more serious. He got 3 stitches and was able to pick out this little giraffe from the prize box at the doctor's office. He fondly named him Tall Legs. =)
One of the funniest things he said during the procedure was Mama, I think I will just eat supper after soccer practice. Bless it. He was soo disappointed to hear that there would be no chance of soccer that night. We did end up going to the field to tell his coach and pick up his uniform and schedule. So he enjoyed that.

Then we came home and relieved my mom (again, SOOOO thankful we're living back here now!) and tried to eat and get everyone ready for bed. It was an eventful, traumatizing evening but by bedtime all was well. Layton was asleep by 7:45 and the big boys were asleep by 8:30. Layton woke up around 9:00 and couldn't go back to sleep for a stretch but after that he only woke up once. I turned in around 10:00 and read in bed before falling asleep.

And that was our day. So grateful for everyone being okay at the end of it!

**BIG thanks to my mom for all of her help yesterday and for Terrell's mom calling the doctor for us!! We are so, so blessed and couldn't be more grateful!

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