Thursday, September 4, 2014

Recap of Austin's Birthday

My middle baby turned 3 years old yesterday morning at 8:37. He's had my heart for every minute of his life from the moment I knew he existed. I loved celebrating with him and seeing his excitment this year on his birthday when he really seemed to "get" that it was his special day. I even felt sort of emotional and was all like Wait... do I have baby fever or do I just miss my baby being a baby now that he's turning 3 years old? Terrell assured me it had to be the latter. Ha. Oh, hormones. Anyway, it was a really fun day despite things being a little different having Baby M here with us all day. Thankfully she fit right in and I think we all enjoyed celebrating Austin.

We started the morning bright and early and Austin woke up to Happy Birthdays from mama and daddy and balloons in the hall. Balloons are a really big deal around here so I think this was the perfect start to his day. =)

Next up- Birthday Breakfast! We missed our Dunkin Donuts but were still grateful for cinnamon rolls and donut holes from Ingles. Austin sang the entire birthday song with us complete with Happy Birthday dear Austin, Happy Birthday to you. It was precious.

After Garrison got home from school we enjoyed cupcakes for snack!
Then after choir, we went out to Austin's choice for supper... El Durango! Chips and cheese dip were a definite highlight of his bday experience.

After we got home we gave him his present... a brand new big boy dune racer! He was thrilled and seemed completely surprised. He said, Look! It's a new jeep! Haha!

We typically don't do BIG, EXPENSIVE birthday gifts, but this year we made an exception (and thankfully found this gift on sale). We finally have a huge yard where the boys can drive around their cars endless miles and the Fall season is when we're outdoors the most so we just couldn't wait til Christmas. Austin had a "lil dune racer" but was quickly outgrowing it and and couldn't keep up with Garrison's regular dune racer. So this was like the perfect gift for my middle. I think it's safe to say he LOVES it. =)

He tested it out and took Garrison for a wild ride! This picture was the pefect action shot.

Now we're just finalizing everything for Austin's party coming up on Saturday. He is sooo excited about his baseball party... and to know the celebration continues. Hopefully the weather cooperates so all the kiddos can enjoy the big blow-up waterslide! I'll recap his party next week along with one more "All About Austin" post in honor of him turning the BIG 3. =)

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