Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend of Blessings

Exciting News........
This weekend was full of blessings, as most weekends are, but this weekend we celebrated, rejoiced, shed tears of joy and excitement, and praised God from Whom all blessings flow because of a BIG answered prayer. After almost 4 months on the market (which felt much longer to us by the way), after a financial struggle that was really starting to weigh on us and concern us, after being 2nd choice to 2 different buyers twice, and after many, many prayers for a family/couple/individual to fall in love with our home, we are celebrating the blessing of an offer we could accept and anxiously awaiting for it close next month!! Thank you for all of your prayers with us and please continue to pray that everything will go according to plan and that it will close!
So that was like the main highlight of our weekend. Our house was shown 4 different times to 3 different people between Thursday and Friday after somewhat of a drought in the home showing department, and on Friday afternoon an offer came in and we worked out a deal and signed the contract Friday night. We are THRILLED!!!
The financial burden this will lift for us, particularly for my husband who has been working so hard trying to figure out how to stretch our money and make ends meet without totally depleting our savings, is just huge. We are so, so, soooooo thankful!
The next challenge after closing will be finding a "forever home" here. While this won't be the easiest task ever due to lack of homes for sale here in our small town, we are super excited about God leading us to "the one".  A home we want to be in long term. The place where we'll raise our boys and send them off to college. (Gulp.) The place we'll share holidays and special occasions and make memories galore. This next house (we hope and PRAY), will be it.
We are just so thankful for God's faithfulness and goodness to us. We are so thankful for His provisions... Terrell's new job that allowed us to move (something we prayed for for years), a home to rent while we waited for our house to sell, financial needs met during this stretch of "tough times", a contract for our house, the list goes on and on. To God be the glory great things He hath done! (I can always think of a song to sing or reference. =))
This weekend was also full of other blessings too... a fun night with the fam Friday night going out to eat and watching a movie with the big boys, a fun soccer game for Garrison Saturday morning, a fun Saturday day date for me and Terrell (although dates during the Georgia season are a bit challenging...haha), a relaxing Saturday night after our boys crashed from their day with Granna and Papa, and a super awesome Sunday at church that included the cutest ever Superhero party and lunch for preschoolers and families.
It was a GREAT weekend and one that left us counting our blessings over and over and over again. 
Now for praying hard and holding our breath til the end of next month when our house is scheduled to close... I'll let you know when I exhale.

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Diana said...

What a blessing to know that God is providing all the ways and means that your family needs! That's such great news about your house. I'll be praying about that "forever home" for you guys. I just know God has something special out there waiting for you.

Blessings to you and yours!