Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Favorites: Week of Soccer and Sickness

This week has been full of soccer and sickness. We are hoping and praying the sickies are almost behind us. If they don't go away soon, I'll have to head to the doctor next week. Thankfully I feel like I may be able to kick this yuckiness. Finger crossed!

So this week wasn't the easiest or most fun, but we did have some bright spots I'm thankful for. Here are my faves from the week...

*My big boys played soccer outside with Austin's new soccer goals this week! This was a birthday present from Terrell's sister and her family and it's been a big hit so far. =)

This is their pose/face/expression for GOAL!

*Layton got to enjoy some of the big boys' story time before bedtime one night this week. Presh! (This was also the night my bigs wanted to go to sleep shirtless...)

*Since daddy was reading Garrison's chapter book... which doesn't hold Austin's attention... my middle was hanging out and playing on the other couch waiting for his turn... but of course he requested mama make his picture too. =)
*This little man loves peek-a-boo with mama!
*An after school game of Don't Break the Ice. Anything calm, engaging, and that requires SITTING after school I can reeeally appreciate.

*One of my quiet time devotionals this week. While this week hasn't been TERRIBLE, it has been challenging and even a little discouraging. Between not feeling my best and trying to keep up with everything and everybody throughout the week, we still have a big ole financial burden hanging over us. Not being able to sell our house quite yet is starting to catch up with us in more ways than one. Financially it's catching up with us and mentally/emotionally it's starting to catch up with us. We are trying soo hard to be patient and trust God and not complain in the meantime, but when it comes down to losing money we feel we can't afford to lose, it's hard. So the timing of this devotion was perfect. (PS... prayers for our house to sell soon are SOOO appreciated!!)

*This sweet boy graduated to the highchair this week! So cute! He has also decided to put his hands in his mouth after every. single. bite. I think he's going to start needing a mini bath after every meal. Sigh.

*My middle had another soccer game last night that was so fun to watch! While he wanted almost NO part of the game to begin with (even going so far as fake sneezing as his excuse... OH MY), he finally came around and scored a couple of goals and did great! I loved watching him! This one is such a mess. =)

*Not pictured: My biggest got his stitches removed yesterday morning and did GREAT! He's like the best stitches patient ever. =) We are so thankful his head is okay and for a great first and hopefully last experience with stitches!

Now we are looking forward to this weekend so much... It's our annual arts and crafts festival here and a big time highlight for our family. This weekend kicks off the Fall season for us and we look forward to it every year! Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!

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