Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Favorites: Last Week of Summer Edition

It's Friday!! Even though we aren't quite as excited to see this Friday as we would be if it weren't our last Friday before school starting, we're still thankful for the weekend and looking forward to a great day! =)

We've enjoyed our last week of summer lots! We wrapped up our summer break in much the same way we've spent our entire summer. Mostly at home, mostly low-key. It's been a great week and one I've really soaked up with my babies. Here's a look at my faves...

*On Monday morning while Layton was napping, the big boys and I did one final summer "craft" together. It technically wasn't a craft because it didn't involve art but I'm not sure what else to call it. Haha. We made mini fish aquariums! I can't remember where I saw the idea but it was originally part of my beach theme with Austin that we didn't get to. The boys loved it. You just squeeze hair gel into a small ziplock bag, then add food coloring to make it look like water, then squish it all around (their favorite part!), then add your little plastic fish. It was that simple!

Finished products! They loved the squeezing of the gel and the squishing around of it to spread out the food coloring. Sensory fun is always a favorite! You can hang them by a window to display or just keep them on the counter to be enjoyed at any time... which is what we voted for. =) Yay for a successful but simple activity! 

*I have loved seeing the sunrise every morning this week when I take Bailey out. I've started setting my alarm earlier and earlier in an effort to get my body adjusted to waking up super early... and so I'll have more and more time before my little loves wake up. The pink sky has been beautiful every morning!

*One morning this week while Layton was napping, these sweet boys invited me to a picnic! They had moved their grill into their room from the play room and had been grilling and cooking away like pro chefs all morning. They were thrilled I loved their feast and I was thrilled they included me. =)

*We decided to make a visit to our new park in town this week and the Selph fam gave it 2 thumbs up! The main attraction is the waterfall that you can walk through. BIG hit for all the boys!

Layton struggled with keeping his balance without his shoes on... hence the getting drenched after a fall in the water... but he loved it just as much as his big brothers.

*I put Layton in the stroller and moved him to the shade for a while and Garrison and Austin decided to follow the brick path and run around non-stop. Meanwhile I melted from the heat. Sooo ready for some cooler temps!!

And before we left they had to go through the water again. Leaping from rock to rock is so fun. =)

And Layton handled his walk through the rocks and water much better wearing flip flops. Looking forward to enjoying our new park lots more in the future!

*I found some small canvas bins to hold all of the boys shoes!! Not sure if this is what I want for the long term but it definitely serves it's purpose well for now. They fit in the space perfect, they don't hurt the door, and the door doesn't hurt them. Check, check, check! 

*The boys beat the heat with some playtime at the water table. They love this thing. And get soaked while playing with it... especially Layton Thomas who decided to pour water over his head more than once! Gracious. They all went straight to the bath tub as soon as it was time to come in.

*Garrison has recently gotten into keeping his bed nice and neat and making it up and lining up his little animals and one day this week he helped Austin make up his bed too! So sweet. And of course I love this. =) We've never made up their beds because BUNK BEDS and due to someone sleeping in them during naptime almost everyday. So this is a treat and a favorite this week!

*We made one last visit to see daddy and go out to lunch this week before summer ends. Such a treat for us to see daddy in the middle of the day!

*The big boys have enjoyed 2 week night movie nights this week before school starts back... Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Haha. My mom found these at her house and didn't realize she had them. The boys weren't exactly fans of the villains... especially Ursala, but they loved both movies! I think Disney may have toned down their villains a little. Some of the scenes were way more hard core than I remember. Ha!

*Favorite not pictured moment: A successful Open House! We are so excited about Garrison's teacher and his 1st grade year! Garrison was really nervous and shy on yesterday but loved his classroom and meeting his teacher. Last year at Open House he was the same way... super apprehensive. But on the 1st day of school he did great! So I'm hoping come Monday he'll be ready to go, confident, and excited. =)

We're looking forward to enjoying a pretty laid back weekend!! Happy Friday!

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