Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites: Back into the Summer Swing Edition

This week we've gotten back into the summer swing. It's been nice to settle back into our new house again. =) We've remained on a beach time a little this week and it's been nice. The boys have been up a little later and slept a little later and we've kept things pretty low key. Here's a look at my favorites...

*We were all about the World Cup game on Sunday between the US and Japan. Such a great game for the US! The big boys were SO into it. We ended up recording the 2nd half of the game because we knew they'd be in bed before it ended so first thing Monday morning they wanted to watch the replay. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!! =)

*Daddy grilled for us twice this week and had little assistants hanging out with him... until they got too hot and had to come inside. Haha. Is it too early to say we're ready for some slightly cooler temps? It is sooo hot here. I can't leave the house without sweating. Seriously. Ugh.

*This cutie has started brushing his teeth after bath time standing on the stool and looking in the mirror. Be still my heart! It's the most adorable thing ever!!

*We moved some toys to the basement this week and all 3 boys have enjoyed some playtime down here while I'm working in the office. A win-win. =)

*I was able to take the boys swimming this week and the big boys had a ball. Getting to swim everyday last week definitely made a impression. Layton wasn't super thrilled about it but Garrison and Austin both had the best time! Thanks to AnAn for going with us and being an extra set of hands and eyes!

*I think Layton was too tired to enjoy the pool...A sleeping baby is still my favorite. =)

*Yesterday morning my big boys left to spend a couple of days with Terrell's parents and their cousins. Things sure have been quiet around here! Haha. I know that they're having lots of fun and we're excited to see them Saturday and here all about what they've been up to. =) Super thankful my boys have 2 sets of amazing grandparents. 

*In the meantime, our littlest has been an only child. (So strange only having 1!!) I've enjoyed the extra quality time with Layton and being able to focus on just him. Still, I'll be ready to have all my boys together under the same roof again this weekend. =) Terrell and I took Layton out for lunch at the Dwarf House yesterday. I think he was a fan. =)

*Then he got to be our sidekick while we purchased all the blinds we need for the house. He was a trooper even though the experience turned out way longer than expected. (So excited to have our blinds installed soon!)

*Favorite not-pictured moment: We finished painting our living room!!!! We still aren't done with the decor so no picture just yet, but we're thrilled to have the painting done! I'm so excited and thankful for all the progress we've made this quickly. Yay for getting lots done before school starts back!

This weekend we're looking forward to picking up our big boys, celebrating Terrell's Granny's birthday with family, getting more done with the house, and having a somewhat normal Sunday again after a whole month of crazy ones! Happy Friday!!

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