Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Favorites: Imagination Central Edition

This week has been a really good one. Other than a little back to school stress from mama, we've had one of our best weeks of summer. It's been super laid back and mostly spent at home. And the boys have made the most of lots and lots of play time. It can be challenging being home with 3 busy boys but sometimes if you just stick it out, it turns out to be better than almost any outing you can think of. =) Other than the Braves game and a visit to the library we've been home all week and it's been imagination station around here. So fun and such a gift! Praising God for this summer and our extra time together!!

Here's a look at my favorite moments from the week...

*After church picture of my boys in white. Be still my heart. 

*This one wasn't even prompted by me. Totally spontaneous and totally precious.

*Kick-off to AnAn's 30th birthday week on Sunday night! We have more celebrating planned this weekend. =)

*All day Monday my big boys played treasure hunting. They were so creative making their little treasure maps. There are approximately 10 floating around the house now. And they were adorable planting/hiding the treasure and then searching for it. They took turns with the roles of "Captain" and "Me Hardy". Haha! It was so cute and so much fun for them. 

*A close-up of one of their treasure maps. Hard core stuff right here. If you're curious about the numbers, well that's the temperature at each location where treasure might be hidden. Imagination central I tell you.

*Watching these 2 experience the Braves game Monday night was a big time favorite!

*My littlest love even participated in some fun dress-up. Firefighter Layton is just too cute for words. =)

*On Tuesday the big boys decided to play "going to the Braves game". Haha! They made a little steering wheel out of construction paper plus a radio and pretended they were driving to the game. They even made a stop at Chick Fil A and listening to them order their food was like the most adorable thing ever. They basically re-created every thing they could remember from the night before. So fun!

*So thankful for my man! =)

*Pretty thankful for mama's little helper too! He loves when I vacuum. He also now insists that he get to clean with the little broom. Presh.

*Cutest assistant ever!

*When the big boys aren't playing treasure hunt or going to the Braves game, they're playing superheroes! They have had so much fun together this week and I've loved getting to be a fly on the wall for it all. We've had our share of some nasty fighting thrown in too because BROTHERS and TOGETHER EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY, haha, but they have had the best time this week here at imagination central. =)

*We finished supper super early Wednesday night and had some time on our hands so we headed down the street to the little playground. The boys rode their bikes and we pushed Layton in the stroller and enjoyed some time on the swings and extra bike time. We couldn't stay too long because of the heat but it was a fun family outing for sure. 

*Yesterday the boys were back at playing superheroes and decided to include Layton. He was SO proud when they put the little superman costume on him. I must say he was SUPER adorable!! He walked around with that cape flowing behind him like his big brothers had just made his week. So cute! We were all smitten. =)

Today we're tackling school supply shopping. As in, me and my 3 little men. Pray for me. Ha! Hopefully we can find everything no problem... no fighting, no drama in Target, no missing or out of stock items, no issues! On tomorrow we're taking the big boys on our last big outing of summer and then on Sunday we'll have another 30th bday celebration for AnAn! It should be a fun weekend as we begin our summer wrap up. =) Happy Friday!!

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