Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer in Review: One of my Favorites!

This summer has just been one of the best. One of my favorites and one that I'm super sad to see go. I've definitely experienced a few tough, exhausting summers and then I've experienced this summer. A summer where all 3 of my boys have been able to play together somewhat independently at various points throughout the day. A summer where all 3 of my boys have slept past 7:30 most mornings. A summer where we've done less but possibly had more fun. It's just been pretty wonderful if I do say so myself. =) 

That's not to say that I haven't experienced challenges parenting my 3 little men or that I'm not worn out come bedtime or that we haven't had our share of meltdowns, fighting, and drama due to being together 24/7.... it's just that this summer in particular has felt super special in the most simplistic way. We're finally home, we've enjoyed being together everyday, we've steered clear of summer commitments and busy schedules and just enjoyed being home. My favorite place. 

We still had some fun outings and a special vacation to the beach, but overall the theme of our summer was low-key and home-based. It was sleeping a little later, relaxing a little more, playing non-stop, eating lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, enjoying extra movie nights, experiencing imaginations in full swing, reading library books, and so much fun with best buds in the form of brothers. So, so, so thankful for God's blessings this summer!! 

So let's recap, shall we? =) Our summer in review...

*We kicked off summer with a fun-filled Memorial Day Weekend. We wrapped up the regular season for T-ball, celebrated the gender reveal of Piper Caroline with AnAn and Frankie, and enjoyed some family get-togethers. It was a great start to our summer!

*The biggest challenge for us this summer came in the form of our All-Star schedule. The evenings were so tough and so crazy for everybody!! But thankfully our days were pretty awesome.

*We enjoyed a fun visit to Dauset Trails with our friends-cousins. =)

*Terrell and I celebrated our 10th anniversary and had a really special, memorable anniversary weekend

*After our anniversary weekend the boys and I went on a few fun summer outings. We saw Iron Man at the library, visited a McDonald's playground, and then went on a lunch date and had tons of fun at a jumpy place.

*Next up was our All-Star weekend

*The week following our All-Star games was all about move-prep. We packed and packed and packed, then we closed on our new house and moved!!

*We enjoyed our crazy first week home so much and made lots of progress on things house related!

*Following our first week in our new home we were off to the beach for a week! Such a special summer tradition full of super special memories. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

*After getting home from vacation our 2nd half of summer started and we truly settled in. We enjoyed our new home lots, we went swimming every week, the big boys spent a few days with Nana and Pops and their cousins, we played tons of games, we finally put together Layton's water table, we grilled out, we stayed in, Layton got his very first haircut, and we just overall enjoyed summertime. 

*And finally, in wrapping up summer, we've gone to the Braves game, made lots of hang-time progress with decorating the house, become imagination central with LOTS of fun play time here at home, and enjoyed our last big summer weekend

This summer will always be one of my favorites. Our first summer here in our forever home. Our first full summer back in the hometown. Our first truly laid back summer. (Mission accomplished!!) This summer has really rekindled my love of the season. Typically it isn't my favorite because it's so miserably hot and I do NOT enjoy being hot. Ha! But this summer made me appreciate and love summer again. What am I going to do without having all 3 boys home with me all day every day? I'm going to miss my babies being together all the time. And I know they're going to miss each other lots too. *Tear*

Even though I'm feeling a little emotional and anxious about seeing summer go, I'm also really excited about our upcoming school year. We're anticipating a really great first grade year, we're thrilled that Austin will begin preschool after Labor Day, we're looking forward to the Fall season, and we're thankful to be home and to experience so many upcoming memories here

Transitioning back into the school year routine will probably take all of us a little while to get used to. I can pretty much guarantee that this time next week we're all going to be exhausted and worn out. First grade is a big year. And soccer starts the first week of school. And choir starts the second week of school. And Baby A starts tomorrow! And hopefully I'll be working full-time from home this year. 

I know things will be crazy and will eventually get more busy than I'm comfortable with and will therefore probably get overwhelming, but I'm choosing to embrace it and enjoy it. Just like this summer, each season brings an opportunity for new memories, new adventures, new blessings. I'm overwhelmed with gratefulness at God's goodness and grace. Sharing my summer with these 3 was just the best. Craziness and all. =)

Today is going to be a busy one as we prepare for Baby A to start tomorrow and as we go to Open House this afternoon to officially meet Garrison's teacher, see his classroom, and introduce him to 1st grade!! 

Summer 2015 is almost a wrap. We sure have enjoyed it and this mama will definitely treasure it's memories. Even though it's bittersweet, we're still pretty excited to welcome Fall and the brand new school year. Ready or not, here we come!

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