Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Anniversary Weekend

Our 10th anniversary weekend celebration was this past weekend and it turned out to be one of our most memorable ever. It actually turned out to be one of our favorites! Which is really funny once you hear the whole story. Haha. It wasn't elaborate at all. We didn't travel very far. It wasn't a big romantic get-away. But it was special, crazy, unique, and so much fun! I'm so grateful for our time away together to reconnect and celebrate. I loved almost every single minute of it. =)

We started our weekend Friday around lunch time when Terrell got off early and we dropped off all 3 boys with my parents. We had planned for the big boys to spend the whole weekend with Granna and Papa (as is our tradition) and decided earlier in the week to let Layton spend the night with them Friday night so we could actually go to a hotel for the night. As far as Layton staying Saturday night, we'd just planned to play it by ear. 

It felt so good to feel so relaxed about dropping off my babies. It's always been a struggle for me to leave them overnight or for a weekend but this time felt so much easier. Thank you Lord! After getting our babies settled and ready for their special summer weekend with Granna and Papa, Terrell and I got ready for our mini get-away and fun weekend. 

Anniversary weekend underway!
We started our afternoon with shopping. We are hoping to close on our new house later this month and really wanted to make some upgrades with our furniture and decor. Almost everything we have is 10 years old because it's things we got when we got married and bought for our first house... so lots of our furniture has seen better days. Haha. Plus after having the same general "look" for 10 years you're just ready for a change. Plus, in this house we'll finally have an eat-in kitchen and we needed a kitchen table and 3 bar stools for our 3 little men. =)

So Friday afternoon was filled with browsing and brainstorming. It was so fun! We talked and planned and discussed rooms and measurements and drove around all over the place in search of different stores. Terrell was the calculator and I was the decorator. He steered me away from things and I steered him toward things. =) We had such a good time!

We checked into our hotel early Friday evening and quickly got ready for our dinner reservations. We went to one of our favorite upscale restaurants that we haven't been to in years and had the best meal. Oh my cheese grits!!! Sooo good. Everything about our day and our meal and our time together had just been wonderful. The start to our weekend had pretty much been perfect.
Then, when we got back to our hotel room around 9:30 Friday night, the craziest thing that has ever happened to us, happened to us. So. Bizarre.

When we got to our room we couldn't get in. We tried several times and the key card was giving us the green light but the door wouldn't open. So we went and told the front desk and she gave us another key... and that one didn't work. So then she came with us to try with her own special key. That didn't work either. Then she said in the sweetest most apologetic voice ever, I'm just going to be honest. This has never happened before.  

Oh no.

She called the maintenance manager who arrived within about 30 minutes and we sat in the lobby waiting to be let into our room. We sat and we waited and we sat and we waited. Around 11:00 or so they offered us another room (for free obviously, plus cut our reservation cost in half) because they hadn't had any success getting into our room.  They also called a lock smith around that time too. And by that point we were both feeling nervous. Tired and nervous. All we had were the clothes on our backs. No toiletries, no cell phone chargers, no contact solution for Terrell, no pjs, no toothbrush, nothing. We weren't panicking but we were definitely antsy. They had to be able to get in the room eventually right?

So I fell asleep in my dress and Terrell watched TV and was in and out of the room checking on the status of our regular room and hanging out with whoever was working on the door to our room. At 2:30 AM, he gave up and apparently so did the lock smith. He left the maintenance manager to go get a tool out of his truck and never returned. Classy.

Around 7:30 Saturday morning we called to check on our room and unfortunately everyone was stumped. There was talk of breaking into the window. There was talk of cutting the window glass. There was talk of another lock smith. Talk of cutting into the door. It was craaaaazy.

They were having a hard time getting in touch with someone on a Saturday morning so we had no idea when we'd be able to get into the room and no idea what to do. About anything. I mean, I slept in my dress! I woke up throughout the night hearing Terrell and expecting we'd be going to our regular room with our bags anytime. I had no brush, no make-up, no deodorant, and no cell phone since mine was dead. I was feeling just about as pleasant and well rested as you can imagine.

After having a mini "moment" and shedding a few tears over I just want to take a shower! I just want to brush my teeth! I just want to change out of these clothes! I just want my phone to work so we can have contact with the outside world! I got myself together.

We got all the toiletries possible from the hotel and were able to freshen up the best we could. Which for Terrell meant a shower. I couldn't take a shower because of not having a brush or make-up or anything. It just wasn't an option. I just had to try to make myself presentable and get over it. We ventured out in a sleepy, we're wearing the same clothes as last night state, and continued with our plans while also waiting, hoping, and praying they'd be able to get in our room SOON.

We bought a charger for Terrell's phone at a gas station and kept right on trekking. The hotel knew to call us as soon as they could get in our room. And all the while we were starting to question if they'd EVER get in the room. It was starting to feel like the President's room or something. Gracious.

We kept shopping and kept in touch with the hotel. We wanted to make sure we were top priority and we wanted updates. Our whole day had been interrupted and thrown off after all. So after making a couple of stops we made the decision to go out to lunch and then head back to the hotel in the hopes they'd be in our room or almost in our room. We laughed and shook our heads and made the best of crazy situation we found ourselves in. It really was like an adventure and I'm so glad we made the best of it instead of sulking all day.

Right after lunch, around 12:30 or so, the hotel called with great news! Our bags had been freed from the room! No longer hostage! No longer trapped! No longer inaccessible! Woooooohoooooo!!! I was so thankful for a shower and a change of clothes!! It really is the little things.

We gladly checked out of the hotel (They were all great by the way. It was just a really bizarre thing that was nobody's fault) with 3 free nights at the location of our choice whenever we want. A nice consolation I thought. =) Then we continued on with our day and had so much fun... and so much success! We filled the suburban to the max!

Yay for a huge sale and coupons at Kirklands!!

Saturday night we made the decision to leave Layton with my parents again since we were way behind schedule and wouldn't be home at a good time to pick him up. Plus, apparently they really wanted to keep him. =) So we took our time, ate Mexican for supper, and came home to unload all of our new stuff. And by that point it honestly felt like the night before happened a long time ago. We were cracking up remembering the craziness of it all.

Sunday morning we woke up and started our day with a breakfast date. Such a treat!

Then we finally completed our last few stops and checked off the remaining items on our list! We are so thrilled and excited to move into our new home... hopefully later this month!!

Terrell and I really did have one of our best anniversary weekends ever together. Especially if you don't count being locked out of our hotel room! Haha! We were totally back to just us instead of mama and daddy. And it was so good for us and such a fun weekend. I fell in love with my husband of 10 years all over again. =)

By Sunday afternoon though we were very ready to see our boys! They had the best weekend with Granna and Papa. So much so that our big boys didn't want to leave and weren't excited to see us at all. Austin cried when we got there. So that was nice. Ha. At least Layton was still happy to see us! I love that they had such a great time with their grandparents and that it's become a special summer tradition for them. They're looking forward to a similar weekend with Terrell's parents later this summer and are already making plans for more sleepovers with Granna and Papa. =)

HUGE thanks to my parents for all the fun they planned for our boys and for taking such great care of them!!
All 4 babies accounted for and ready to head home! Sort of. One of the 4 may have cried his eyes out leaving. It's hard going home with mama and daddy.

Thankfully he isn't scarred from being forced to leave against his will. =) 

Our 10th anniversary weekend is in the books and it was a GREAT one! Looking forward to many more anniversaries with my love and many more weekend get-aways!!

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