Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happening Now

We're moving!!! After 11 rather long months in a small, old rental house, we're moving!! It's hard to believe it's finally here. After our journey to closing took waaay longer than we anticipated and after thinking our "forever house" didn't exist (yet) and then after thinking it could slip away at any time, it's here and it's happening!! And we are super duper excited! =)

Thankfully half of our stuff remained packed up the whole time we were here in the rental because there just wasn't room for it... so that makes this move feel way easier than our move from Covington to here. We're a little less overwhelmed and a LOT more excited! Because while we were thrilled to make the move back to the hometown, it was a stressful move. The timing was crazy with school starting back and with us having to find a rental home so fast and with downsizing big time and moving before selling our house, etc, etc.

The timing of this move is really perfect. Even though we definitely would've loved to move sooner, moving during the summer is great for us. No busy schedules (we just wrapped up All-Stars) and I'm off during the summer. A big necessity for this move since I work from home. We no longer have the burden of our Covington house and instead of downsizing, we're upgrading! Woohoo!

The real challenge with this move will come in the unpacking. Ahhhh. I'm feeling desperate to get everything unpacked and situated and settled and where I want it and things hung up this summer. So that when school starts back and we're all exhausted and find ourselves busy again, we don't have tons of work and decorating and more unpacking hanging over us... we're instead just enjoying our new home. (Hopefully my expectations aren't too high!) The home we've dreamed of and prayed for! The home God has so graciously provided specifically for us. =)

We're down to the bare minimums left un-boxed right now. We've got just a few dishes out to eat on, just a few bath essentials and just a few food items... and that's all I can think of so that's about it. Ha. Every other thing is boxed up and ready for the big move. Terrell and I will be kicking off the move tomorrow afternoon after our closing and then we'll have lots of help come Saturday morning and all day long. It's going to be a totally crazy Father's Day weekend. Hopefully we can make it up to daddy since he'll be busy working and moving all weekend long. Although that's part of what makes this Father's Day so special. We're getting him a HUGE present in a new house! Hahaha.

Hopefully I'll be able to check in sometime early next week live from our new home. =) Then, we're counting down to leave for our beach vacation! We'll be home for a week in our new house and then away for a week in our beach house. Talk about back to back big and fun things happening! Haha!

My packing break has lasted long enough... time to get back to work! Happy Father's Day Weekend!!

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