Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites: Counting Down!

TGIF!!! Whew! This week has been a long one. After our wonderful anniversary weekend full of so much time together and just pure newlywed-like bliss, this week came with craziness, exhaustion, and pretty much no time together. Ha! Nothing like jumping right back into reality to wear you out and test your newlywed-likeness. =) 

Unfortunately we've been pulled in different directions all week and the 5 of us have had very, very little time together at all. I'm talking 5-10 minutes every morning and 5-10 minutes every evening. So that's what's made for our really long week as well as my very worn out state. As well as my recurring temptation to go to my room and cry. Sigh. The All-Star commitment is a HUGE one, especially being married to a coach (double whammy), so this week we've officially started counting down. And it's lifted our spirits and kept us going. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Yaaaaaay!!

We're counting down to wrapping up this All-Star experience, counting down to closing on our new house and making this long-awaited, much anticipated move, and counting down to our week at the beach! We're almost there! Wooooohooooo!

Here's a look at my favorites from our week of craziness, stretched-thinness, and counting down...

*On Monday afternoon the boys and I, along with all the other kiddos in our small town, made our way to the library for a meet and greet with Iron Man and Elsa. Plus Tony Stark was there too. Haha. Other than the huge crowd, long lines, and steering a stroller through the madness, it was a success! At least I'm pretty sure it was worth it. =)  

Austin was super nervous about meeting Iron Man so mama had to be in the picture too. Layton was watching from the stroller. =)

*This little love put on some more dance moves in the big boy room. Actually all 3 boys had a little dance party in there together. Of course the big boys' moves couldn't be captured. Can you say wildness? Haha.

*Garrison lost his 2nd tooth this week!! He was nervous about having it pulled but when I wiggled it just a little it came right out in his mouth! He has several other loose teeth so we'll see how busy the tooth fairy is coming up. =)

*The big boys asked to put on their baseball pants this week so they could "practice sliding". No boys were harmed during "practice" and it turned out to be a huge hit! I'm all about some good, safe, fun. =)

*Waking up my littlest man is still a favorite. It's rare I have to wake him up so it's always a treat to watch him sleep for a minute when I do.

*The boys have been asking to go swimming all week and we haven't had any success with being able to go yet. We have to go before lunch due to our All-Star schedule and the weather just hasn't been our friend. Hopefully today is the day! So we decided to head to a McDonald's playground this week while it was wet and cloudy out. They had a ball!

Layton climbed a little, watched a little, and walked around like he owned the place a LOT. =)

*I took Austin and Layton to a couple of Garrison's practices this week. Even though it was crazy keeping up with Layton it was good to get out of the house and to watch Garrison and daddy. At least the 5 of us were at the same location a couple of evenings this week.

*All of my babies are officially sleeping late this summer! Yay!! Layton was the last to come around but he's finally sleeping past 7:00 every single morning and my big boys are sleeping til about 7:30 every morning, sometimes later! Summer sleep is some of the best!

*Yesterday was another day we struck out going swimming so I took my little men on a lunch date and then to a jumpy place. We were all exhausted afterwards but had a super fun time together!

*Favorite read of the week: On Raising Kids and Chilling Out. This was a timely read for me and so good. With me spending all day everyday with my 3 guys this summer I needed the reminder to take a chill pill and let some things go. The truth is, I do have a tendency to come down on everything... especially with my oldest because he's old enough to understand the why behind almost everything discipline related. But this post is so true and so right. And something I'm pondering and praying over. We want our kids to obey out of love, not because of the threat of punishment and not just because of the law. It's a good read. And God knew I needed it this week. Take a minute to read it mamas.

This weekend is All-Star weekend for us... plus have I mentioned it's almost time to move? And go on vacation? It's going to be a busy one for sure....but we're counting down so it's all good! =) Happy Friday!!

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