Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Favorites: Summer Lovin' Edition

This week has been a lot more calm and lovable than last week. Whew! So thankful for that! We've enjoyed quite a bit of summer fun with some lazy days, and evenings, thrown in too. The best!

Here are my favorites from our week of summer lovin'...

*Last Friday night our T-ball team had such a fun banquet celebrating our special, undefeated season! Both of my big boys loved eating pizza and hanging out with friends at the kids only table. Big thanks to Granna and Papa for coming over to put Layton to bed! It made our evening a lot more relaxing. =)

Garrison was tickled over coach daddy giving him his trophy. 

*After we got home from the banquet, Garrison Cade lost his very first tooth! Finally!! It took forever to come out but Granna was apparently the tooth whisperer because she was able to get it out even though it had been nothing but stubborn and difficult for both me and Terrell. Haha. Garrison was just a little traumatized at first from the blood, but then super excited. And the tooth fairy visiting was the highlight of his whole weekend. =)

*Saturday morning (and Sunday and Monday mornings), our biggest boy fed our littlest boy his oatmeal. It was the cutest, most helpful start to our day!

*First summer outing to Dauset Trails with this crew was a big time favorite. =)

*A cancelled baseball practice meant early baths and pjs... and movie night! Such a perk to enjoy on a summer week night.

*This little love is running me ragged! He is soo busy and In. To. EVERYTHING. Oh my gracious it's a never ending workout! Thankfully I've experienced this craziness before and know it won't last forever. This week he discovered how to push a button on one of the big boy's books for it to play a song... and then he dances away. It is so adorable and funny! And the cutest way possible to keep him entertained and contained. =) 

*We went for our first swim of the summer this week! It was a little overcast and the water was cold but we still had a lot of fun. Garrison got in a lot of good practice swimming and loved every minute, Austin warmed up to the water just a little like he does the start of every summer, and Layton seemed to be totally smitten. =)

Thank goodness AnAn is available for some swim duty this summer! 

*We signed up for the summer reading program at the library last week and went back yesterday to check out our 2nd round of books this summer. The boys love the library (yay) and this summer's theme is Superheroes so it's absolutely perfect for us. We're looking forward to making a visit every week for new books and seeing lots of special guests too. =)

Favorite quotes of the week (both by Garrison)... Mama, sometimes it feels good to make the right choice. I can feel it in my heart. Yessss!!!!!

Mama, I'm so glad I have Austin as my brother. And Layton too. Melt my heart!!

Favorite not-pictured moments: Little anniversary celebrations! We had 2 nights off this week from All-Star practice (yaaaay!) and one of them was Wednesday night, the day before our anniversary. So Terrell grilled us steaks and we had a delicious meal as a family and then we enjoyed ice cream for dessert later. =) Last night it was back to practice but since it was our anniversary we decided to get take-out... a treat for me to have the night off from cooking! And we reminisced some and started packing. =)

This weekend is our annual "Anniversary Weekend"! We're looking forward to getting away and having the weekend to ourselves for dates, shopping, and a fun time celebrating. I'm even feeling pretty relaxed about leaving the boys with Granna and Papa. (It has to be something to do with us living here now because leaving my boys is typically always a source of anxiety. Or maybe with them getting older and us doing this every year I'm just getting used to it. Haha.) I'm a little nervous about Layton spending the night but hoping and praying he does okay and SLEEPS for my parents. The big boys are sooo excited about their special weekend... and we are too! Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!!

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