Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites: House Progress & More Previews Edition

This week has been a wild one! We've had 3 doctor's appointments for various family members, 1 vet appointment for our canine family member, lots more unpacking of house stuff, lots of packing up for the beach, 1 huge furniture delivery, and the usual shenanigans that come with life with 3 little men. =) 

In spite of the craziness it's also been really productive! Things are mostly cleaned up from the move now and mostly completely unpacked. We've also been able to finally fully enjoy our great room. Yay!!

Here are my favorites from our 1st week home...

*We've been enjoying our island/bar so much! This is where the big boys eat breakfast and where they sit to play games. Layton has even made an appearance or two up here as well. =) It is a definite favorite of the whole family! (And here you see a preview of the great room before furniture...)

*Kitchen reveal! I mentioned in my last post that this is my favorite room because I'm totally in love with it (duh)... but it's also because it's shared with the great room/family room/living room. It's such a blessing to be back in an open floor plan after 11 months away!! The door you see to the left is a closet but just to the left of this closet is our master bedroom and just to the right is our laundry room. The door leading out to the garage is to the right of the laundry room.

*This huge, open, kitchen window has also become a favorite for the whole fam. We just took down the curtains that were left here and put up a valence we had that actually fit! As long as we can figure out a way to keep the windows cleaned and as long as the sun doesn't pour in and shine right in someone's face while we're eating meals here, we're planning to leave it totally bare like this. We just love it.

*Wednesday afternoon a thunderstorm came through and the boys sat here for a few minutes and watched it rain. I love that we'll get to watch the weather here and see the seasons change.

*This little man has done great adjusting to his new room and our new house. He is especially loving having his rocking chair back... which used to be mine. =)

*Our kitchen table came in!! Our first kitchen table since our 1st year of marriage! Haha. Our kitchen in Covington didn't have room for a table so for all 7 years we were there we had to eat every meal in the dining room on our nice dining room table. Now, our dining room table can finally be what it was made to be... a dining room table! Yay for eat-in kitchens!! Side note: Layton also upgraded to a booster. =)

*About to enjoy our 1st ever meal at the kitchen table! We had a good lunch and a great 1st experience. =) The chairs side by side are for mama and daddy by the way and our 6th chair we're thinking about just sitting in the corner over to the left. We also moved the boys' table so it would be against the wall to the right of our table.

*I had to wake this sweet boy up from his nap yesterday and just couldn't resist a picture. He has slept like this for almost 2 years now... covers up to his chin, flat on his back, and hands over his head. Presh.

*Our deck view from the windows in our living room. Another favorite. =)

*The big boys love sitting at the bar and playing games together. And when they aren't fighting over the rules or something else game related, it's perfection. Uno has been the favorite choice as of late. And as you can see... furniture was finally delivered!!

*We didn't get things quite situated until after the boys went to bed so the lighting isn't the best, but here's our living room. (The frames will be filled with pictures of people we know soon. Haha.) We are planning to paint this room shortly after vacation, plus decorate and hang things and get some curtains, but as for today, it's perfect. =)

That word in the middle sums it up. We are blessed beyond measure. 

We've enjoyed our first week home lots! Now we're gearing up for our week away. Ahhhhh. Our annual vacay to the beach. I haven't been counting down and longing for it like I have in summers past due to the big move and all we've had going on.... but now that it's almost here, I'm super excited and super ready! Bring on the sun, sand, ocean! 

Have a wonderful weekend, a great week, and a very happy 4th of July!!

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