Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Well we are all moved in. =) And we are all LOVING our new home! It truly is home sweet home and our absolute new favorite place ever. We have experienced God's favor in a HUGE way with this home (going all the way back to last Fall leading right up until today) and I'll hopefully share more of that story later on. For now, a little update and preview will do. =)

Terrell and I got a great start on the move Friday after our closing. We were able to clear out almost all of the non-furniture, un-boxed items Friday afternoon and evening. You know those odd items like lamps, pillows, door mats, large, odd shaped toys, etc. It gave us a huge jump start to get all of that done on Friday so come Saturday morning bright and early we were ready for the movers to come pick up our furniture and my dad and Terrell's dad to help with all 5,000 boxes we had packed and ready to go.  

Thanks to a team effort from my sister, my in-laws, and my parents the boys were shuffled around and well taken care of all day on Friday and Saturday while the craziness happened. We are blessed with the BEST family ever!! I can't express in words what their support and help meant to us. We couldn't have done it without them!

Thankfully the move went really smoothly and thanks to all the help we had we were able to get almost totally unpacked. On Saturday! It was like a moving miracle. We were thrilled with the progress and state of the house come Sunday morning. This was the 5th move we've made in 10 years and I think this one went the smoothest! It was our most organized for sure. Of course things were still chaotic and crazy at times plus a huge mess, haha, but overall we unpacked and cleared out at record speed. Woohoo!!

While we still have a long way to go... mainly with decorating, some painting, getting things hung on the walls, and doing something with the tons and tons of windows in this house, we are ecstatic with our progress 3 days in and are already feeling totally at home and settled. It's such a peaceful feeling being home. Knowing another move isn't in the plans. Knowing this is where our boys will grow up and where so many family memories will be made. Such a sweet, sweet feeling. 

Before I get back to taking care of house needs, I have a quick little preview. It's not much but will have to do for now. =)

My favorite room in the house is the kitchen... which is also part of the same room as the great room. I'm in love. Seriously. Cooking in there is amazing. =)

Another room I'm loving is our laundry room! The location is my favorite... around the corner from the kitchen and next door to our master bedroom. In the rental house the washer and dryer had to be in the basement and in our house in Covington you had to go through a pretty small laundry room coming in through the garage (or going out), and it was next door to the nursery. So this one feels perfect! I love the cabinets above the washer and dryer too.  

And... we have this neat pantry closet in the laundry room too! So far I'm storing paper products in here along with party supplies and vacation stuff, AND making it the boys game and craft closet. The games are on the bottom shelf and the paper, markers, crayons and other crafting supplies are in the bins under the games. 

Our living room is mostly empty right now (our new furniture is being delivered later this week) except for my new wicker chairs and little accent table. Which I'm loving so far! The red curtains were left here but we'll be taking them down eventually and replacing them with something new. These large windows look out onto our deck and the backyard. They have some type of shades on them that you can raise up and down... and those are really growing on us. We like that we can have the windows bare whenever we want and enjoy our view. =)

Here's the stairs going up. Haha. I'm not a fan of the green color but because it goes all the way up and gets pretty high I'm doubting we'll be painting it anytime soon. The boys' bedrooms are upstairs and I think we're all adjusting great to them being so far away at night. 

The previous owners finished the basement themselves and we are thrilled to have this extra space! There's a living room, bedroom/office, and bathroom down here. I'm actually coming to you live from our office in the basement. Ha. 

This is where I'm hoping to spend my days during the school year while I'm keeping babies. I'm calling it my baby and preschool station. =) Eventually it will probably be Terrell's man cave. 

The basement bathroom...

Our favorite shower in the house! It will probably rarely be used but it sure is nice!

Our UGA alumni computer desk. =) Terrell got this all set up and decorated last night. 

And.... Just keeping it real. Ha! Shortly after this was photographed we cleared out all the empty boxes... but it's still messy in here. The office is probably our last priority at this point but I know it will come together slowly but surely.  

And that's a wrap! Hopefully I can give more previews and show more pictures as we get things situated. =) For now we're busy enjoying our new home to the fullest and thanking God for these blessings! 

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