Monday, June 15, 2015

All-Star Weekend

All-Star weekend was fun, tiring, and HOT! Which means we were pretty much gross and sweaty all weekend long. Haha. =) The 5/6 all-stars are still hanging in there... we came away with one win and one loss this weekend so we're heading back for another game this afternoon. It's a double elimination tournament so if we lose today, we're out and if we win today we play again Wednesday. It's been a wild experience but we're super proud of our all-star and his tough little team! 

We started our weekend on Friday evening with the night off! Yay!! A break from practice and a night at home meant lots of outside time for the boys and daddy grilling us a delicious meal. It was a treat to have a somewhat normal Friday night!

Layton loves being pushed in his car... and watching his big brothers' every move. 

Saturday morning came bright and early. We had to meet everyone and get on the road by 8:00 for our 10:00 game. And everybody was nervous! Including mama. And this is just 5/6 year old T-ball. Ha! I can't imagine how I'll feel once my boys are older and playing on much bigger "stages"!

Our team and coaches!

Pre-game warm-up. =)

Invocation and National Anthem time. It seriously felt like the big leagues. Getting more nervous by the minute!

We lost the coin flip so we were the visiting team and had to bat first. Which means my baby had to lead off to start off the biggest game of his young career. Which means he was soooo nervous and kind of dreading his at bat. Which means I felt my heart outside my body. Gracious. He got a solid hit and did great though! And thankfully my parents were able to come to the game so I had help and extra hands and eyes for my littles. I couldn't have done it without them!

Our team in the field! My 2nd baseman in his ready stance before playing his best defensive game ever! He made the most outs on the whole team and didn't let a ball by him! He rocked. =)

Unfortunately our nerves got the best of us and we had some tears shed and experienced some discouragement we aren't accustomed to. When you're used to winning and never getting out and always being better it's tough to come up against someone just as good. We fought hard but lost our 1st game. The boys' attitudes were great though and they came back ready to play Sunday afternoon!

My favorite coach with our favorite all-star. =)

Sunday afternoon the heat was brutal. Thankfully they had some bleachers in the shade in the outfield that made our 2:00 game bearable. We didn't have a close up view of our babies but at least we didn't pass out while we cheered them on!

Garrison Cade's biggest fan! I've been amazed at how attentive and into the games he's been. He's like the team mascot cheering them on and watching the scoreboard like a hawk. =)

This little man on the other hand is a different story. He just wants freedom to walk and go and do whatever he pleases. This is my view when I have Layton duty. Haha. 

Sunday afternoon we lost the coin flip. Again. And my baby had to lead off. Again. I think his nerves were just a little more steady for the 2nd game. My weren't however. Can you say stressful?!

My #1 leading off from 1st base ready to run. 

And in the field. =)

Our 2nd game was another hard fought one. We were down by 7 runs at one point but we came back to win!! Garrison actually scored the winning run. =) We held them to no runs one inning and then we scored the max runs the next inning. The final score was 30-22 if you can't tell from the scoreboard. =)

Our team chant after the game was pretty priceless. They've all worked so hard we were pretty excited to come away with a win! Even though we would've been proud no matter what we were thrilled they got to experience a win this weekend instead of losing 2 in a row.   

Shortly after naptime we'll be leaving for our 6:00 game tonight. It's crazy how much time the games require because of travel time and having to be there so early. Concession stand food is on the menu for supper tonight. Ha. While we aren't necessarily favored to win this game we're hoping our players do their best, play hard, and have fun! 

All-Star weekend and the passion-filled team chant after the games have just about made all of our practices, sacrifices, and craziness of the past 3 weeks of preparation worth it. =) So proud of this team and their awesome coaches. Go LC!!

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