Monday, July 6, 2015

Beach Vacation Part 1: The Kick Off

We are home and recovering from a super fun and really wonderful week at the beach! We are still on beach time and still a little worn out, but we are so grateful for experiencing a safe and special beach vacation. It's always a lot of work when vacationing with small kiddos but it's always worth it. Our summer tradition of a vacation to the beach remains a big time favorite for the whole fam. =) 

Here's a look at the kick-off to our vacay...

This year we returned to Panama City Beach, Florida and stayed in a really great location. We were directly across the street from the beach and right next door to Pier Park. Other than some traffic, it really was ideal. We had a great trip down and really took our time so by the time we got settled in at the house and made our traditional "arrival day visit to the ocean" outing, it was supper time. I must say, going to see the ocean and walking in the sand right after arriving is special for all of us. It is the best watching the boys' faces and excitement and awe. 

1st family pic!

The big boys were immediately drawn to the ocean. They ran for it like they'd missed it all year. =) I was a little shocked by Austin's love of it since last year he was very wary of the ocean and the waves and had already mentioned being a little nervous and scared about it this year. He wasn't intimidated at all though. Both big boys loved their beach reunion!

Layton was a little apprehensive but still amused by it all. =)

He wasn't so sure of the ocean... at first. After a couple of days he was all about it. =)

After rushing back to the house to beat the rain we were able to enjoy a laid back supper before getting everybody ready for bed. Overall we had a good 1st night.

The next morning we were up bright and early ready to head to the beach. Sunday's weather wasn't the best... overcast and windy with rain moving in, but we still made the most of our morning.

Layton was a little unsure of the beach and sand on our 1st full day... but definitely enjoyed his first experience in a beach chair. =)

Our big boys took off for the ocean again and got right in. We couldn't believe how comfortable and brave they were. Our babies are growing up. So bittersweet.

Layton played in the sand a little while his big brothers played baseball on the beach. 

Before lunch we made our first trip to the pool. The boys loved their pool time this vacation!

Layton was spent after missing his morning nap so he fell asleep at the pool and then didn't take an afternoon nap. Sigh. Vacation with this little man was a WORK. OUT. Can you say high maintenance and never a dull moment? Both hands raised high!! Ha!

After a pretty long afternoon that included lots of rain it was finally time to get ready to head out for supper. We decided on Angelo's... which means we couldn't pass up pictures with the bull. =) Even though Layton made things just a tad stressful exciting, we still enjoyed a delicious meal and our first night out in PCB. 

And I think that sums up Saturday and Sunday. Yay for a fun kick-off and getting the rain out of the way early in the week! 

More recaps coming soon... =)

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