Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites: First Haircut Edition!

This week was a pretty fun one. It was simple, laid back, and filled with lots of good summer fun. The big thing that happened this week was Layton's first ever haircut! Even though he was apprehensive and unsure about it at first, I thought he did great! It really took me back to sitting in the same chair with both of my big boys for their first haircuts. Even though the big boys were younger than Layton it was a really similar experience. What will I do once I have 3 boys to take for haircuts once a month?! Haha.  

Here's a look at my faves from the week...

*Water table fun! Layton got this for his birthday from my in-laws and we finally got it put together and ready to play with this week. It was a HUGE hit! They laughed and played and squealed and hollered and had the best time. I'm hoping we didn't disturb the neighbors they were so loud and wound up! Such a fun outdoor activity that beats the heat!

*Haircut time!! We tried sitting him in the chair up on the bar by himself at first but he was having none of it. So we had to move on to plan B... mama's lap. Plus he had to have his paci for a just a minute. Baby boy loves his paci. Something tells me we might have a harder time taking it away before he turns 2 than we did with his big brothers.

He didn't care for being sprayed to get his hair wet. Bless it.

Thankfully holding onto an extra comb and being fed puffs by daddy seemed to do the trick. =)

Almost all done! So handsome and such a big boy. Big thanks to our favorite stylist around!! And big thanks to daddy who simultaneously made pictures of the 1st haircut, fed puffs to little man, and kept the big boys from causing a scene. He's my hero. =)

*Terrell recorded the Home Run Derby for the big boys and they were totally amazed. Oh how I love my house full of boys! This Derby was one of the best. I loved that Todd Frazier won in front of his home crowd and that his big brother was his pitcher. Oh my mama heart just ate that up! Garrison was a little wowed by the fact that the big brother was pitching to the little brother. Haha. They've been playing Home Run Derby some this week and they take turns being hitter and pitcher. =)

*The big boys discovered a new game with paper airplanes this week too... fly them over the stair railing. =) This has entertained them for hours over the course of this week. They even have names for their airplanes. My favorite... pinkalicious, for the pink airplane. Haha!

*Little brother hasn't been left out. He's a pro on the stairs now and when big brothers are playing airplanes he's right in the middle going up and down the stairs. =)

*An intense and never ending game of Chutes and Ladders. There's a reason we don't play this game frequently. Eventually you just have to climb the chutes so someone, ANYONE can be the winner. At least they love it. =)

*I'm hosting a Premier jewelry party tonight and the boys have been helping me clean. They've been the best little dusters. They made it 2 whole rooms before swinging their cloths around in the air like crazy people and whacking each other. Gracious. I'm still very thankful for all of their help! Even if it does end in drama. Ha!

*Layton even decided to dust some. This was the only picture I could get of him before he was done. He only dusted for 6 seconds but it was adorable. =)

*We've been home a lot this week so game playing is at an all time high. Especially on yesterday. Don't Break the Ice is always a hit.

*More game playing. Who Shook Hook is a bit challenging so we had to bend just a few rules to make it fair... and so mama didn't have to put Hook and all the treasure back on the hammock fifty thousand times. =)

It's been a nice, low-key week. Now if it would just cool off a tad we could enjoy our last weeks of summer even more. =)

This weekend is a full one. We're looking forward to my Premier party tonight (first time hosting something in the new house!), registering for Baby Piper tomorrow morning, going out with Terrell's parents tomorrow night, and going out with my side of the fam on Sunday. It should be fun! Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!

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