Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hang Time! (And other House Progress/Previews)

For the past couple of weeks my hubby has been busy, busy, busy hanging things up for me. Oh how I love and appreciate him! After a year of having none of our things on the walls... photographs, favorite frames, special decor... I was sooo ready to get our walls filled with things we love. We got a few new things to hang for the new house but lots of things have just been collected over the past 10 years. So far we've made great progress! Progress I'm excited to document. =)

(I'm starting at the top and working my way down to the basement... but it should be noted that I am no photographer. Especially when it comes to taking pictures inside. Gracious. Please excuse my lack of skills. Haha.)

First up is our 3 frames of the boys' monthly pics taken each month on their birthday for their very 1st year. These are hanging upstairs in the hallway... also known as the wall of fame. =) Since there wasn't a place to hang all 3 side by side we had to split them up. Still, I'm so excited to have them displayed and to be able to enjoy them again. Such special pictures of all 3 boys as they grew from 1 month to 12 months. 

1st born!

2nd born!

3rd born!

Next we have the boys' bathroom. This bathroom is actually inside the big boy room but all 3 boys will be using it for the foreseeable future. (The hall bathroom upstairs is purple and currently not being used at all.) This bathroom is long and narrow but totally perfect for the boys. 

I had this canvas custom painted/ordered off Etsy to match the Pottery Barn Kids shower curtain when I first turned our guest bathroom in Covington into a bathroom for my 2 oldest boys. A favorite verse and a great reminder of one of God's promises. 

We also printed one of our beach pictures in black and white to hang in their bathroom. The frame was leftover from Garrison's 6th birthday party and came from Hobby Lobby. My favorite place ever for frames!

Now onto the main level and my favorite little nook in the whole house. Just inside the garage door (that we'll be using every single day after school) was the perfect space to hang 3 cute little sports wall hooks. These used to be in the big boy room in Covington but I've found that living in a house with an upstairs, things rarely make it up to their rooms like they're supposed to. So this will be the perfect space for them to hang their book bags every afternoon and during the Fall and Winter, their coats too. I'm so excited. =)  

And speaking of things never making it upstairs... their shoes come off almost as soon as we get home, DOWNSTAIRS, and then get scattered about and lost. We are currently missing one of Austin's flip flops. How did this happen?! It didn't just get up and walk away! We have searched high and low with no sign of said flip flop. So. I'm on the hunt for a really small, narrow shoe cubby. I would love something that would fit right under their hooks but it's a teensy space so not sure if that exists. If not, our plan B is to put one just inside the garage door for shoes. For now they're "home" has turned into the top of the washing machine or dryer... in my way. Ahem. 

This wall in our kitchen turned out perfect. Originally I wanted to have some canvases done of family pics to hang somewhere on this wall. However, my money-savvy hubs wasn't on board. Bummer. We may eventually do a canvas or 3 somewhere else but for now this wall is perfect and complete. As soon as I get a family pic to go in that frame. =)

We found the "family rules" frame at Hobby Lobby during our anniversary weekend and both knew we had to have it. It fits us and our family to a tee. The boys and I read it together about a week ago and then shared a group hug. They ate it up. =) The word family came from Hobby Lobby as well and the S and frame came from Kirklands. 

We also hung up our a little clothespin picture thing. We've had it for years and I think it came from Pier 1. We hung it right over the boys' table so that we can hang up some of their artwork or things they make. Right now it's mostly pictures plus one "S" I found on sale for just over $1. =)

All 3 of my baby boys around 6 to 8 weeks old! I'm in love. Please excuse the mound of hotwheels and the puppy dog. 

We chose to hang our clock between the big windows in our living room. I want to say this was a wedding gift or something we used a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card to purchase right after we got married. I still love a clock hanging in a living room. 10 years later. =) Just to the right is the wall of the baby pics of the boys. 

Still haven't found a valence for my big windows but not giving up yet. 

And now for my mini-gallery wall. It's not quite complete yet but it's my favorite. =) 

I'd like to find just a few more pieces but I also love it just like this. 

Last but not least is our office... otherwise known as the blue Georgia room. Ha! We aren't painting down here anytime soon so the blue Georgia room it will remain. We hung up all of Terrell's UGA framed prints plus our diplomas plus cleared out and cleaned up a little. It's starting feel like a home office should. =)

The bedrooms and dining room are the only rooms that still have bare walls. We're painting our bedroom soon so we'll decorate after that's done. As for the boys' rooms we're undecided. We have a lot we could hang but I'm not sure I want to use all of it. So I guess we'll see. The dining room is up next. Nothing major but just a touch of something to help make it complete. =) Loving making our house a home!!

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