Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Annual Beach Pics... Past & Present

From the time we planned our very first beach vacation as a family of 3 with our little 5 month old Garrison in tow, I knew I wanted a family picture on the beach. And because I am very traditional and wanted something that would continue hopefully year after year (therefore becoming a tradition), I decided we need to wear white shirts with khaki shorts. It was the going thing then and still hasn't gone out of style. Yay.

7 years and 3 boys later, the tradition continues. And while it isn't my favorite tradition, at all, because it always seems inconvenient every. single. year. and because it's work and the boys complain and it's sandy and sweaty often times too, it is special. So special. Seeing our pictures, good or not so good, calm or wild, poor quality or great quality (thank goodness we upgraded our camera and our skills! Haha) year after year is priceless. I love watching my family grow through these photographs. I love the memories they hold and the beauty they capture of my favorite people in one of my favorite places God gave us to enjoy here on earth.

So here's a look at not only this year's annual beach pics but also years past since our tradition began way back in 2009. =)

That first year was a stretch. We were adjusting to vacationing with an infant and we were still figuring out beach time management. Clearly. Ha! So somehow we ended up with post sunset pictures. This was my favorite. Such a special beach trip for us and our new baby boy.

The next year we vacationed at Cape San Blas for the first time ever. Another beautiful and wonderful vacay with our oldest. We didn't have tons of success with our pictures but I treasure this favorite just the same. =)

The summer of 2011 we vacationed at New Smyrna Beach for the very first time so we could make a day trip to Disney World. I was 7 and 1/2 months pregnant and Garrison was going strong every single day at the beach and not really up for pictures. Exhaustion that led to meltdowns were common. So we compromised and got some balcony pictures on this trip. Even though it's the "odd" one out of them all, I love it!

The summer of 2012 our 2nd baby boy was present! This is one of our very best beach pictures ever. So sweet! Such a fun and special trip having out newest little love with us!

The very next year I had just found out I was pregnant with baby #3. We had beautiful weather the start of this vacation and terrible weather the end of the vacation. Thankfully we chose a gorgeous day for pictures. This was also the year the whole family joined in our tradition. My parents, my sister and her fiance', everyone. =) Great memories, great pictures.

Last year's picture is another of my favorites because all 3 boys are in it! Plus my biggest boy. =) A fun and busy vacation as a family of 5!

Now for 2015. =) It was super windy but a beautiful afternoon so we went for it. Complaining, sweating, and all. Not one of these pictures is perfect with every single person smiling or looking right at the camera or hair not blowing crazy, but, they are precious. The backdrop is beautiful. My boys are adorable. Our memory of this year's tradition is captured. Win, win, win. These are my favorites out of tons. 

Can't thank our photographer (Papa) or our cheerleader/entertainer/motivator (Granna and in years past AnAn) enough. Year after year they support and assist with our beach tradition that honestly makes us all a little crazy come go-time. This tradition wouldn't happen if it weren't for them! 

So thankful for our family vacations, our memories, our traditions, and our beach pictures. I am so, so blessed. 

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