Thursday, July 9, 2015

Beach Vacation Wrap Up: Shell Island, Friday, & July 4th

Our last 2 days at the beach turned out beautiful! And the ocean finally calmed down a little. Vacationing on the Gulf growing up always meant pretty calm waters but the past few years we've seen huge waves and rough water throughout our vacations. Thankfully the boys didn't mind because they were content in the safe zone. Plus, we were treated to a visit to Shell Island where they got to swim and play in lake-like water for half the day! 

Ready for our boat ride and shuttle to the island!
We had a bit of a scare on the way over when another boat passing by caused our boat to rock side to side in a very out of control and unsafe manner. At least that's how it felt! Terrell, Layton, and my dad were sitting on the first row and got soaked. By a wave that came over the side of boat!! Cue me feeling very uncomfortable and very much not okay! It was crazy and scary but thankfully the captain got the boat back under control and explained what happened and apologized after we docked. Thank you Jesus that it wasn't any worse than us being scared and getting wet!! Other than that experience we had a really fun time at Shell Island. =)

The boys loved this little stretch of water. So clear. So calm. So perfect except that it was freezing when we first arrived. 

Garrison spent the majority of the time we were there exactly like this. Snorkel mode. But without a snorkel. Haha. He loved seeing the fish under water and loved trying to catch anything moving. 

Layton preferred to hang out, stay dry, and eat snacks. 

The Gulf side of Shell Island was beautiful. The color of the water was amazing and it was perfectly clear. The waves were still crazy but the view was soo pretty. 

My little seashell finders had the best time.

We were worn out after our day at Shell Island! Thankfully we had a safe trip back on the boat and were able to have a low-key afternoon before heading out to eat at Sharky's for supper. Yay for a more pleasant dining experience with our littlest! 
Friday was a full day of the beach and pool. Lots of baseball, lots of playing in the ocean, lots of time on the beach. I stayed in with Layton after lunch while the big boys went to the pool with daddy and swam and swam and swam. Layton napped while I relaxed, rested, and read. =)

Before packing up and heading in on our last day, Garrison made a special sand castle with Granna and Papa. Such a fun way to wrap up the vacay for our biggest. =)

We decided to get take-out on Friday night because it was a little late to go out and because the boys were tired and it honestly probably wouldn't have been pleasant to take Layton out. Staying in turned out to be perfect. After supper my parents took care of Layton and put him to bed so we could take the big boys out for frozen yogurt one last time. Garrison made this picture of us. =) We had such a fun time with our bigs. 

Saturday morning was July 4th so we dressed in our red, white, and blue and loaded up for home. We had a great trip and made really good time. Yay! 

Back at home, unpacked, and ready to head down the street to AnAn and Frankie's house for a 4th of July party! 

They weren't able to go on vacation with us this year so they hosted us on Saturday night. They grilled for us and we enjoyed a delicious meal and fun time together hanging out. Unfortunately I came home with a little cold and wasn't feeling so great but that didn't stop us from celebrating America's birthday. =) 

The boys got to do sparklers and see some fireworks before we walked home. (Yay for living so close!!) The fireworks were huge... like the real deal, crazy, HUGE. So Terrell went back to enjoy all that fun with the men folk (while my mom and sister were apparently yelling at them to hurry and run, haha) while I headed to bed. We had a really busy but fun, memorable vacation and a fantastic 4th! So thankful for our summer tradition and looking forward to next year with our new little niece!! Passing the torch is gonna be fun. =)

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