Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend of Summer Fun

We enjoyed a wonderful last weekend of summer fun this weekend! Even though we technically have 1 weekend of summer left before school starts back on the 3rd, we made this weekend our last BIG weekend of summer and it was lots and lots of fun! 

We took the big boys to White Water on Saturday and had the best time! I hadn't been to White Water in years and years but we have season passes to Six Flags-White Water and we have several friends who've been quite a bit so we decided to go for it. Thankfully we got there early and were able to enjoy ourselves to the fullest for the 1st half of our day. 

The boys took a while to warm up to things. Especially Austin. Thankfully after warming up to the cold water and us going around the lazy river once he felt safe and was good to go. This is where we spent the majority of our time on Saturday. =) By the time we left both boys loved the fast little tunnel slides and the red twisty slide!

Garrison and Terrell also spent some time playing at the tree house play area. Austin wasn't impressed and wanted no part of that huge bucket of water that dumps out. Ha!

The boys rode the slides that emptied into their favorite little play area lots. At first we did the slides with them but after a few times Austin was content going with Garrison. They had a ball!

 We eventually tried out the family ride "Runaway River". The boys didn't want to ride it right away so we waited until they were ready and then went for it. Austin was super apprehensive about it but we kept telling him we'd all be on a float together and knew he'd be fine. It was so much fun!! Although it's very likely Austin was a little terrified. Half the ride is through dark tunnels so you can't see a thing! Afterwards he was proud of himself for riding but didn't want to do it again. Ha!

After lunch and more time spent on the lazy river plus a quick visit to the wave pool and a few more of their favorite kiddie slides, we went over to the smaller kiddie area because it had gotten soo crowded. The definite downside to going on a Saturday. Thankfully this area was manageable and still lots of fun. =) 

We had a great 1st experience at White Water! Garrison loved it so much he told us the most sincere thank you while we were there in the midst of all our fun, plus decided he would really love to live close to White Water OR have White Water in Barnesville. Hahaha! It was a great final big outing of summer for our big boys. Even though our littlest couldn't go, he had a pretty great day too. Thanks to my mom for keeping him all day!!

Sunday morning we asked my sister to come over before church to get a couple of family pictures of us and our house. I need another family picture to frame but we also want to send out "we moved/here's our new address" cards soon. This was the 1st picture she got. Oh family pictures. Gracious. All you can do is laugh.

Home sweet home. My heart and my home in the same picture. So thankful, so blessed. 

Sunday afternoon was a lazy day around the house and then we enjoyed an official birthday party for AnAn! My parents hosted all of us and grilled for us and we had such a good time celebrating Anna's 30th bday. And one day my children won't take over and steal the blowing out of candles for the birthday person. Ha.

This sweet boy definitely enjoyed himself. Food is the way to his heart. Especially the sweet stuff.

Yummmm. =)

Such a fun summer weekend and great time with my favorite people. This week we're planning to soak up our last week of summer. Open House for 1st grade is Thursday, Baby A comes back Friday, and then it's time to gear up for the big first day on Monday! This summer has been a GREAT one. It's going to be tough on my mama heart to wrap it up but we're excited about our brand new adventures for the coming school year. Happy last week before school starts!

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