Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Favorite Summer Tradition

We enjoyed one of our favorite traditions of summer last night... Going to the Braves game! So fun!!

Since Garrison's first ever game and introduction to the real live Braves, to the following year when he became a real fan through and through, to the following year when our now middle man, then littlest man went to his very first game, to last year's super fun experience, it's always memorable and always special. The boys are in awe every single year of being there to see their favorite team play in person. They love every single minute. And of course we always cheer loud and tomahawk chop proud, plus enjoy the tool race and other fun between-inning happenings, plus stay for the 7th inning stretch to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame, plus snack all night on goodies we've packed from home! We LOVE our Braves game tradition. 

This year was just for the big boys but next year we'll take Layton and all go together. Such a fun tradition to look forward to every single summer. Can you spot our littlest man in this picture? I think he was showing his displeasure that he didn't get an invite. Poor baby. My eyes are barely open but this was the best we could get. =)

His displeasure didn't last for long though. Having Granna all to himself for the night was a pretty awesome deal he decided. =)

Per tradition, we stopped for supper at CFA and then made our way to Turner Field. Turns out we were a little spoiled making the trip from Covington the past 4 years. It sure did take a long time from ole B'ville! Haha. And it's going to take even longer once SunTrust Park opens. We'll make the trek anyway though. Our Braves are worth it. =)

Posing with our favorite player's number! 

It took a sweet forever but we finally made it to our seats and the boys were GLUED. I'm talking into every single pitch and play. They loved it and were totally wowed. What a difference a year made for my middle. His attention span was like the longest ever. 

3 out of 4 of my boys. =) Other than it being really humid, seeing lightening in the distance, and an eventual light shower, the weather wasn't too bad. There was a breeze and cloud cover so we didn't really suffer from the heat at all. Thank you Jesus.

Tomahawk chop time!

We had such a gorgeous view all night. Of course I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in my fam who noticed. Nobody else could take their eyes off the field. 

Once we felt the threat of rain we moved to covered seats down near the bullpen. So cool to be so close to major league pitchers and watch them warm up! The boys were amazed. Garrison was really hoping for a ball but it didn't happen this time. Hopefully in the future we can go super early for batting practice. 

Eddie Perez is a former Brave I watched growing up and he's now the bullpen coach... so a close up pic was a must!

Shortly after our visit to the bullpen we sang Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Austin and I were coming out of the bathroom so I couldn't get a picture of them singing together but it's one of our favorite parts of the game every year. =)

Once the rain moved on we watched the final outs from this spot. They did not want to leave a minute before it was over. Yay for a Braves win!!

It was a late, late night but definitely worth it. We had such a great time with our big boys and loved watching them watch their favorite baseball team. We're excited to take Layton next summer and introduce him to the tradition. It should be fun!

Big thanks to Granna for keeping our littlest man!!

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