Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beach Vacation Part 2: The Middle

Monday morning we were ready for a full day of the beach and pool. We decided that since the weather was good we'd have pizza delivered for supper and stay out as long as we could. =) When we vacation, the beach (and pool) is pretty much our sole entertainment and source of fun. We do go out to eat some and try to take the boys to do something non-beach related, but for the most part we play in the sand, ocean, and pool all week long. 

I took my real camera down to the beach with us Monday morning for just a few pictures and then put it away safe and sound. It makes me too nervous having it around so much sand. 

My ocean, seashell, and always on the move beach lover... 

My excited, energetic, and now ocean lover...

My still skeptical but eventual sand and ocean lover...

The best I could get. =)

Thankfully a nap on the beach came soon after pictures for Layton Thomas and all was well again. 

Monday afternoon we all went back out for some pool time (not pictured), seashell hunts, and some walks on the beach. We really soaked up the full day and had lots of fun. And as you can see, our littlest man started coming around. =)  

We enjoyed another fun day on Tuesday... the day I took the least amount of pictures for some reason. I think I just felt really busy on this vacay so the opportunities were few and far between. Layton Selph was on the move and a handful almost constantly. We never would have made it without my parents and their help! I think we're ready to pass the torch to AnAn and Frankie for our next vacation. We'll still have 3 to their 1 but hopefully our 3 will be less work next year! Ha!

I stayed in with Layton for his afternoon nap on Tuesday so I watched Terrell and the big boys from our bedroom balcony. =)

We walked next door to Pier Park to eat supper and it was out of control crowded. (Which means it's lost some of it's appeal to me. When a place is so crowded you have to wait forever to eat and you have a hard time getting a stroller around... it's just not my favorite.) Layton was not a fan of being out late and eating late either. Whew. Glad to put that experience behind us. It could've been worse but definitely wasn't easy and fun. 

Wednesday was a beautiful day and we decided to get all of our beach and pool time in early, come in for a late lunch and to get everybody ready, and then head over to the Pier Park amusement park that afternoon before the crowds hit. The day turned out pretty perfect. =) 

*The green house in the background was ours and that's our bedroom balcony where I watched the big boys swim with daddy lots
 (Before going to the amusement park we took our annual white and khaki family pics on the beach... but I'll do a separate post with those)

The only downside to going to the amusement park in the afternoon was the heat. It was soo HOT. But at least there were no lines!! Thankfully my parents strolled Layton around and shopped and kept him out of the heat for most of the afternoon. They came over to the park to join us for the last few rides. 

I took Austin and Terrell took Garrison for the rides Austin didn't want to do. My middle man is cautious and safety first just like his mama. =) My biggest is a dare devil... just like his mama used to be. Haha.

Garrison even got Papa on a few rides to wrap up our afternoon. =)

We made tacos at the house for supper and it was a great way to wrap up our fun filled day. 

And that wraps up the recap of The Middle. =) Just one or two more to go...

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