Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Big Boy Room Tour

Since I don't have a whole lot to blog about right now... other than feeling pretty rough due to Spring not being my friend and my baby boy taking on the characteristic of really fussy lately, there's not much happenin'. We did have a good weekend and I did enjoy my solo outings (even though I was totally exhausted come Sunday), but I don't have anything truly blog worthy to write about. So, I decided to give a tour of my big boys' room because I've yet to document the room since Austin moved in.

I do have to say that I am still absolutely in love with this room. It was created for my biggest boy in the Spring of 2011 and the newness hasn't worn off...at least not for me. I still appreciate and admire it just like I did when it all first came together. We've added a few things since Austin moved in but the space and bed and everything have worked out just about perfect when it comes to my big boys sharing a room.

Way back when the room was still an idea in my head and a guest room in our house, we had no idea we'd have 3 boys or even 2 boys. Oh but mama thought ahead and anticipated siblings eventually sharing a room, especially if we continued to live here in our 3 bedroom home for a bit longer since we'd always wanted 3 kiddos. And boy am I thankful I did!

So here it is... The Big Boy Room:

Looking in from the door...

The dresser is currently in need of updated pictures but other than that has pretty much remained the same since Garrison moved in as wee little just turned 2 year old. The wall decor, lamp, and frames are all from Hobby Lobby, (love that place), the dresser is from Target, and the baseballs are Terrell's autographed balls from when he was a child.  

The bean bag reading corner/wrestling area/time-out spot. My parents gave both boys these bean bags from Pottery Barn and they have been quite popular. I love seeing them sitting there with books and reading... not so much the wrestling and time-out.

Their bookshelf and miscellaneous storage area. Terrell's dad built the bookshelf and it gets lots of use. We have tons and tons of books and have loved having this bookshelf. The prints above the bookshelf belonged to Terrell as a child and so did the autographed baseball.
The big boy bed! We love, love, LOVE this bed. I picked it out of a Pottery Barn catalog specifically for the possibility we could have 2 children sharing it. So Terrell's dad built it for us! It has been such a blessing and has worked out perfect for both boys. Garrison sleeps on the top bunk and Austin sleeps on the bottom. The bedding is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

The picture makes the area between their bed and closet look super small but it really isn't as cramped as the picture looks. The closet door can open all the way no problem. This is the lego table (it has the top on this pic) and their "hooks" for their book bags, hats, and jackets. The framed print is Terrell's from his room growing up.

Their table. My parents got this for Garrison for his 2nd birthday I believe and it has been used tons. I love it and so do they. The frame is from Hobby Lobby and the table/desk is from Pottery Barn. (Notice how everything they have from Pottery Barn is a gift. Terrell Selph does not believe in paying what they're asking.)

And there you have it. It is filled with sentimental things of Terrell's, furniture their Pops built, and cool additions from their Granna and Papa. It should grow with them and won't need a make-over for quite some time.

Since Austin moved in we added the drawers under the bed for extra storage, another bean bag, lots more books, and a few more toys. While the room is rarely this clean (we don't make up the beds daily because they're bunk beds) they do pick up anything on the floor every night before bed and we *try* to keep their dresser and bookshelf from being completely taken over with stuff. It typically looks this nice when we have company coming over. But even when it's kinda messy I still think it's perfect for my big boys. And filled with lots of special things. Most of all, Garrison Cade and Austin Carson. =)

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