Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our Weekend

We have had quite the up and down weekend. It hasn't been all wonderful or all not-so-wonderful, but a little of both. Friday started with Terrell having another doctor appointment and the same doctor who was confident he had a torn muscle a week before is now confident that his leg issues are from his back... most likely a slipped disc. Ughhhhh. So frustrating that he was possibly mis-diagnosed in the first place. He's seeing an orthopedic doctor tomorrow so hopefully we will get answers and pain relief soon!

Saturday the boys and I headed to Barnesville for the day and spent it at Granna and Papa's house. (Terrell stayed home to rest and stay off his feet.) We had a really fun day with my parents. Being away from the house did me good. Even though I missed Terrell big time (we are the best teammates and it's hard doing things without him), I realized that being away helped me forget about all our craziness for a little while. I had help with the boys, I had a good distraction, I was able to rest a little. It was nice. And my big boys got to do lots of fun stuff...

My littlest had a good day too. He was a sleepyhead almost all day so I didn't get any pictures of him... but he was there! And here's one of my favorites of him (from last week) that just had to make it on the blog. =)
We got home in time for supper with daddy last night and we could tell that having a day to rest had done him good. He was able to help with bath time and bedtime without hurting too much. Have I mentioned that I am so beyond ready to have him back to normal? Mama is tired and misses daddy! Waaaahhhhhh!

Anyway. Everything went good with our evening until Layton decided he wasn't really feeling the whole going to sleep and staying asleep thing. Soooo, we had a very fussy baby on our hands for most of the night. Thankfully Terrell was able to help out. Oh how I love and appreciate him. He really is trying his best to help me keep my sanity.

We woke up in a fog this morning but made the most of our day with grocery shopping, cleaning, and playing outside. Terrell had a good day pain-wise (very similar to last Sunday) and all the boys had a good day too. The beautiful weather was definitely a perk!

(We are planning to go back to church as soon as daddy is up for it... and we get more than just a couple of hours of sleep on a Saturday night.)

As much as I'm craving sleep and having Terrell back 100% and just feeling normal again, I am trying really hard to soak up and savor family life during this newborn stage. This is a CRAZY time for us and I've had moments (LOTS of moments in fact) of just feeling down about it, however, I don't want to wish it all away. This is my last newborn stage and my only time to experience this point in time with all my babies. The here and now may not be all sunshine and roses but it's here, now. It's memories with my 3 boys. It's watching my big boys share a special friendship and constantly love on their new brother. It's watching my newborn grow and change little by little. It's admiring my husband as he suffers through hurting and pain to still be daddy to our boys. So I have to make the most of it. I have to try to enjoy it despite feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. And deep down I know when I look back on it, it won't seem all that bad. If I take the time now to really enjoy it and soak it up, craziness and all, I'll remember this season as busy but special.... which it truly is.

And this weekend turned out that way too. Busy because things are pretty much always busy now keeping up with 3 boys, but special because I spent it with my 3 boys and we got to spend time at Granna and Papa's and we enjoyed a great family day today (that included daddy!). I may be tired and a little overwhelmed but I am so thankful. And determined to savor this crazy season!


Megan said...

It looked like you had it together on Saturday when I saw you and you looked great! Hope Terrell feels better soon!

Meggie said...

Thanks Megan! You are too kind. =)