Monday, March 3, 2014

Austin at 2.5

This sweet boy is 2.5 today! And because I really want to keep up with my updates of the kiddos at every birthday and half birthday, it's time to record some facts about my littlest big boy and take a peek into his life at 2.5.

First of all, I just have to start by saying that you are a GREAT big brother! You have done amazing in your new role and we have been so, so proud of you!
You are also a great little brother. You love playing with Garrison and repeating what he says and doing what he does. While you two for sure have your moments of fighting and not getting along, y'all are super close and share a really sweet friendship.
Your current favorite thing to do (by far!) is to play with your alphabet puzzle. It's a litle foam-like puzzle of letters and Sesame Street characters. You dump them all out, turn them over, and then we ask you to find all the letters in order so you can put them together in a big, long train. I'm happy to report that because of this puzzle you know all of your uppercase letters! You also know how to count to 12... they get a little jumbled after that... although you definitely know 17, 18, and 19. You know just about all your colors and you know how to spell your name. Yay! The next thing we're going to work on is shapes.
Your other favorite things to do at home are to play with Garrison, play outside, have books read to you, and do things at the table like stickers or play doh. We're taking a break from coloring right now as you've decided to color on your face with markers or sample crayons multiple times. =)
You are doing so much better with bedtime now! You still usually take a little while to go to sleep but you have finally adjusted to sharing a room and sleeping in a big boy bed. Yaaaay! Even though you're in bed before 8:00 each night you probably aren't asleep til 8:15 or so and you wake up sometime between 7:00 and 7:30 most mornings. You also take about a 2 hour nap every afternoon.
Your current favorite foods are spaghetti, tacos, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, raisins, grapes, cereal, grits, cereal bars, any kind of crackers, peaches, and chicken. Just about the only veggie you really like is green beans... but I wouldn't consider it a favorite food.  
You now enjoy watching entire episodes of TV shows. You still don't sit through every single one, but you really enjoy TV now. Your favorite shows are Chuggington, Super Why, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Callie's Wild West. You typically watch 1-2 shows a day depending on how much we're home and inside. Everyday we're inside at 5:00 you and Garrison get to watch a show while we wait for daddy to get home and I cook supper.
Your biggest 2.5 year old challenges include not wanting to stop playing to do what mama and daddy ask, the occassional massive meltdown, hitting or biting Garrison out of excitement or anger, and separation anxiety from mama at school or church. Other than that, you are laid back and sweet as can be. And you have great manners!

You continue to melt my heart by telling me you love me and wanting to sit in my lap and asking me to play with you and requesting me lots. I am so blessed by how much you love me!

You are such a blessing to our family and keep us laughing and busy everyday! We are all enjoying watching you learn and grow and are SO thankful for you. We love you Austin!!

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