Wednesday, March 5, 2014

On the Homefront...

*Terrell went to the orthopedic doctor on Monday and it was determined that the same 1 or 2 discs in his back are the root cause of all his leg pain. We should've known. My gut instinct told me it was his back all along but after he went to the doctor the first time and was diagnosed with a torn or strained muscle I just assumed that was what it was. Who am I to question a confident doctor? Ahhhh. Anyway, he has an epdirual shot scheduled for Tuesday and then a follow-up with his doctor a week after that. We're praying the epidural is effective and that no surgery is needed! For now, Terrell has good stretches and bad stretches. Thankfully it's rare for him to have a bad day and we've even had some almost normal days. Praise the Lord!

*Yesterday my big boy and my baby boy both had their well check-ups. Garrison did great and is healthy, strong, and growing. And, because his throat was a little pink and he is HIGHLY susceptible to strep, she did a strep test... which was negative! His first one ever! Not to say he won't come down with it tomorrow, but for now we're strep-free! Layton did great too and has gained a whole pound. He's 3 weeks old today so our pediatrician was thrilled he weighs 8-15 now! Yay for breastfeeding success!!

*Austin and Terrell are a little under the weather with a cold/congestion/runny nose and Garrison and I are both teetering on the edge of coming down with it. It hasn't hit us hard yet so maybe it won't! I'm going to think positive.

*I know I've already said this more than once, but we have been sooo blessed with meals given to us since having Layton. Our moms have both contributed and so has my school and 2 of our neighbors, but most of the meals have come from our Sunday School class. Which is the neatest thing ever. Different couples have signed up to bring us meals on different nights. We've already had 2 meals given to us this week with another one coming tomorrow. And part of what makes it so special (besides the fact that we are SO appreciative since we just had a baby and all) is that we are still the newbies in Sunday School. We aren't close friends with anyone just yet and probably couldn't tell you the first names of every single member. But we've still had 5 or 6 couples from the class bring us food. It really has been the biggest blessing. And we have about 10 freezer meals lined up for use soon too. One day I'll cook Monday through Thursday again like normal but for now I sure am enjoying the extra time to get my bearings and not having to cook.

*Speaking of getting my bearings... slowly but surely we are finding a routine. A routine for the mornings as we get 3 boys fed, ready, and out the door. A routine of eat, wake, sleep for Mr. Layton. A routine for bedtime for all 3 boys. It feels so nice to find that routine. And I know it will feel even better once daddy is back to normal. While the evenings seem to be our crazy time what with trying to wrangle up the big boys for bath time and keeping Layton awake so he's ready to sleep at bedtime and making lunches and laying out clothes and getting everyone calmed down and ready for bed, one part of that crazy time may also be my favorite time of the day. We have a new routine of the big boys coming to the living room (where I'm typically holding Layton and getting ready to feed him) before bed to read books in there. It's me and all 3 boys piled up on the couch reading together and wrapping up the day. Once Terrell is feeling better and 100%, I'd like for him to be part of that time too. We could even have a little family devotion or something. I know we won't be able to keep this up every single night (especially with baseball starting soon), and I know we might outgrow this little routine as Layton grows, but for now I'm going to treasure it. It's a special way to close out the day with all my boys.

*Garrison's first baseball practice and Kindergarten registration are what's coming up. We're having a few issues and concerns with both those things... which is really frustrating and discouraging, however we know God has a plan and are trusting His guidance. I'll blog more about both those topics once I know more. Happy Wednesday!

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