Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Recap + Today

This weekend turned out sort of hard. It wasn't all bad and terrible or anything just not exactly easy and relaxing and wonderful. Definitely not the way I prefer my weekends. Then today has just been NOT FUN. Today has without a doubt been hard. Boo.

On Thursday and Friday we officially registered Garrison for Kindergarten and officially determined we won't be homeschooling him (through Georgia Cyber Academy). We still haven't made a final decision about where he'll go to school but we found out Friday that he got in (through lottery) to a school in our county and we're awaiting approval from another school in the next county over. We are super thankful to have options but also a tad stressed about where to go from here and what's best for our biggest boy. As a mama who is also a teacher I'm praying for peace about wherever he ends up for Kindergarten. I'm probably over-thinking/analyzing it. He'll be fine no matter what. And for now I am thankful that I'll only be doing preschool at home with Austin in the Fall instead of attempting Kindergarten, preschool, and taking care of a baby. Garrison going to big school is best for him and the rest of the fam too. I'm both excited and nervous about our new adventure.

On Saturday we ventured out to the mall in search of coordinating Easter outfits for our 3 little men. Unfortunately, we struck out. Ugh. This year is going to be tough. Garrison is now wearing "Boys" sizes instead of "Toddler Boys" sizes, while Austin is still in "Toddler Boys" and Layton is in "Baby/Newborn" sizes. So. That presents a bit of challenge. I know they won't be able to match perfectly this year *tear*, but I at least want them to coordinate and go together. Hopefully I'll be able to find something. Terrell had a good day on Saturday and was even able to take Garrison to his first baseball practice. Saturday was probably the highlight of our weekend.

Sunday was pretty tough... on everybody. The time change wasn't our friend and Terrell had a hard day with his leg pain. I ended up pretty much doing everything on my own. Which would've been okay if I'd gotten some sleep the night before. Sigh. Then, I had to take Garrison and Layton to Garrison's baseball practice while Terrell stayed home with Austin during naptime. That didn't go so well... for me. (I think it went okay for Garrison.) I already have issues with how baseball is done around these parts and then to have Sunday practices... mama wasn't happy. I'm not sure if I've lost my competitive edge or if I'm just a big softie when it comes to my baby, but we aren't training for the Olympics here. We are PreKers and Kindergartners. We are barely 5 and 6. We just need baseball to be fun while we learn. Garrison is still a little unsure of things so the jury is still out on how this season is going to go. I'm praying it gets better and it becomes more fun for him. Baseball has always been his favorite sport to play and watch and I don't want the super competitive, over the top way things are done here to ruin that for him.

Then comes today. Today has just been flat out hard. My husband had an awful day and has been in lots of pain. For the majority of the day he couldn't even get out of bed. And I was totally helpless. Please pray for him. His epidural shot is scheduled for tomorrow morning but earlier today we thought we were going to have to go to the ER. I talked to his doctor's medical assistant and got him a little relief but it has been terrible seeing him in so much pain. (Thankfully he's somewhat better tonight.) I tried to stay positive and attempted to keep things normal for the boys, but I was/am overwhelmed and stressed and exhausted. Plus Layton was super fussy all night and our house is a wreck. It's been a loooong day with lots of tears shed. After the crazy evening we had, we just may have to call in reinforcements tomorrow. Living an hour away from help stinks. (The pity party I'm so tired of continues.) We're praying for sleep tonight and that tomorrow brings a much better day... specifically a successful and effective epidural shot for daddy!


The McCorkle Family said...


My mother just went through exactly what Terrell is going through with disks and it causing horrible leg pain. My mother's began end of September and after two specialist's opinions, she had surgery on November 13. Her doctors determined that hers was so severe that epidurals and physical therapy would not be effective for her. She could barely walk for weeks. The surgery was a complete success, and she has not had any pain since. I'm praying the epidural will work for Terrell. I watched my Mom live in horrible pain for nearly two months, and I know how hard it is to see that. Love and hugs!

Meggie said...

I'm so glad she had a successful surgery. We may have to talk with a surgeon if the epidural(s) isn't effective. And it's good to know that surgery could be a long-term solution. Thankfully it went well this morning and he's better than he was. Now we're just going to have to wait it out. He has a follow up appointment Monday so we'll go from there. Thanks for sharing about your mom. I passed it along to my husband too. =)

The McCorkle Family said...

I'm glad the epidural is helping him. My Mom had a disk that was completely splintered out and the fragments of the disk were pressing in to the nerves running down her leg. The surgeon here in our town told her surgery was her only option. She opted to get a second opinion in Atlanta to be sure that surgery was really needed. He told her the same thing. They did tell her that normally they would try epidurals but hers was just so severe that it just wouldn't help her. They had to get the disk fragments off of the nerves for her to have any pain relief. They did, and she is completely back to normal now. I'm praying the epidurals will give Terrell complete pain relief. :-)

Meggie said...

Oh my goodness, that just sounds painful. Bless her heart. I'm wondering if there could be something nerve related going on with Terrell. I'm planning to go with him to his follow-up appointment and asking about that. Thanks again for sharing about how things went for your mom. It's been helpful and encouraging to hear. And thanks for your prayers!