Monday, March 31, 2014

Firsts from our Weekend

We had a pretty great weekend around here that included lots of firsts for us.

First of all my big boys slept til 8:00 or later for 3 mornings in a row!!! Now, I'm almost positive that's a first! The down side to this is why they slept so late... being a little sick and having one really late night. But we were still so grateful they slept late!

Terrell and I were able to sit down and watch a show together for the first time all week on Friday night. We decided to watch Survivor since we don't want to get too behind on that one and risk a spoiler. It was so nice to just be together and do something fun and simple and relaxing. 

Garrison and Austin went with Terrell to run errands on Saturday morning and for possibly the first time ever they kept their hands to themselves while sitting in the back of the buggy together during a long trip to Walmart. This is HUGE. It's borderline miraculous. Sitting together in the back of the buggy almost never ends well. Apparently daddy thought this was cause for celebration because they came home with new hotwheels and gummie bears. Hmmmm.... I think daddy's secret weapon is bribery.

My big boy had his first baseball game of the season. He looked adorable! I'll definitely have to post a picture later. Unfortunately the game took place at 7:30 on Saturday night in frigid 50 mph winds. (So maybe the wind speed is an exaggeration... but I can't be sure. In Garrison's words, That wind almost blew me away!) We were almost frozen solid by the time they called the game after the 3rd inning. Our team lost but I think my baby had fun. Other than almost being blown away of course.

We went out to eat as a family for the first time since Layton was born! My parents came over to see Garrison's first game and they took us out for Mexican. Such a treat! It was also a good, safe first-time experience since we had back-up and were at a noisy restaurant. Just as we were finishing up Layton decided he was tired of his carseat and we had to get him out, but overall he did great!

I left Layton (with someone other than Terrell) for the first time. The original plan was for the whole family to go to Garrison's game together and then for me and Layton (and possibly Austin too) to leave early while my parents stayed for the whole game. But then Austin came down with a little cold and the temperature and winds weren't baby-friendly so we had to change our plans. My mom stayed home with Austin and Layton and I went to the game a little late. My dad and in-laws were there for all 3 innings (haha) so I think that made it special for Garrison. Leaving my littlest baby and my sick baby wasn't easy. But they were in good hands and all was well while I was away. I think we know for sure now that Austin will not be going to sleep or even to his bed without Garrison home. So not looking forward to all our late games this season!

Layton slept really good last night and possibly had his best night ever! I fed him around 7:30ish and then he was in bed asleep sometime before 8:30. He didn't wake up until 2:30 this morning to eat and then he didn't wake up again until 5:45... but Terrell was able to get him back to sleep without me feeding him. This was a huge accomplishment! He slept until almost 7:00 and I was able to feed him at our normal wake-up feeding time. I'm so excited about the potential of him only waking up once to eat. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

I think that covers the firsts from our weekend. =)

Today I've been home with all 3 little men. Austin wasn't up for school today so I let Garrison take the day off too. It's been really nice having everybody home and makes me look forward to Spring Break. This afternoon we're hoping to get outside to enjoy the beautiful day. Happy Monday afternoon!

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