Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Things I Forgot

Turns out I forgot a few things when it comes to having a new baby in the house. Even though Layton's my 3rd and the transition has been extremely smooth and almost easy (*especially* if you don't count Terrell's issues), there are still so many things you just forget. So many little (or not so little) details that come with the newborn/first few months stage that are forgotten... til they're back.

I forgot how much laundry newborns require. Whoa. It's a lot. All those bodily fluids make for some messes. Before I know it, Layton's on his 4th outfit for the day and I'm ready to start yet another load of his clothes. It's crazy. Queen of laundry right here.

I forgot just how hard it is to comfort an extremely mad and upset baby. Once you miss the window of opportunity to calm him down- watch out- it's gonna be a while. The bouncing, pacing, shh-shing, rocking, paci-offering, and smooth talking isn't going to work so well. At least not for a while. All you can do is remain calm and wait it out.

I totally forgot what sleep-deprived feels like. Oh my gracious it's a doozy. It is sooo not a good feeling. Exhausting and draining and ROUGH pretty much sum it up.

I forgot how my husband and I would become more like roommates instead of husband and wife. Can you say BUSY? At least we get to carry on a conversation occasionally and maybe even sit down at the same time on the same couch to watch a show every now and then.
I forgot how my house would suffer and there would be hardly ZERO time to clean. And if there is time, you're just too tired to do it.

I forgot what I have a newborn and a toddler (and a 5 year old this time!) multi-tasking feels like. It's just a blur of busyness, craziness, and super mom-ness going on.

I even forgot how many diapers they require. It's a TON in case you forgot too.

Baby #3 has definitely made me remember. Life is busy. It is exhausting. It's even pretty challenging. But it's such a blessing too. This season and the opportunity to experience it again and the gift of Layton has got to be one of my biggest blessings ever.

I didn't just forget the not-so-fun and glamorous, I forgot lots of other thing too. Some of the best things.

I forgot just how much I would love this new little bundle of joy... the way he has shown me a glimpse of how much God loves me... that my heart would be filled to the brim yet again just as it was with Garrison and then again with Austin. I knew and trusted it would happen again, I just forgot what it felt like. It's a love you can't even put into words.
I forgot the joy I would experience seeing a big brother love his little brother. It is so special and so sweet and so innocent. I don't think anyone else can love and adore Layton quite like Garrison and Austin.
I forgot how I would fall in love with my husband all over again. The way my heart melts seeing him hold, love, and care for a teeny, tiny baby is pure joy. There is nothing like a daddy taking care of his newborn baby.
I forgot just how sweet and wonderful that teeny, tiny baby would smell after bath time. Oh the yumminess.

I forgot what a gift it is to hear soft, contented sighs while rocking him or after he eats or once he finally calms down after a fussy spell. Sweetest sound ever.
I forgot the absolutle oodles of cuteness that come with all those grunts, yawns, and stretches. Presh.
I forgot the way I would appreciate and treasure time spent with my husband. Quality time together is not taken for granted during this stage. We talk. We laugh. We sit close and eat ice cream together.

I forgot what amazing teammates we are. Tag-teaming is one thing, zone defense is another. When daddy is normal, we rock at it.

I forgot the way my arms would feel cradling our newest baby boy. That feeling of a tiny bundle (who belongs to you!) in your arms is priceless. And because he's growing everyday I just soak it up. One day that tiny bundle will be as big as my bigger bundles.

I forgot how my heart would skip a beat when he holds onto my finger or looks in my eyes or quiets when he hears my voice.

I forgot lots. Not everything, but a lot. And now, thanks to Layton Thomas, I'm remembering. The joy. The wonder. The love. The blessing. And thanks to Garrison and Austin I know things will calm down. It will always be an adventure, but it will calm down. I know I will sleep all night again. I know my husband and I will be more than roomies soon enough. I know diapers won't last forever and neither will that wretched witching hour. For now though, this stage and season is treasured. It's not always smooth-sailing and easy what with poopy diapers, tons of laundry, wild big boys, and a sleep-deprived mama, but it is treasured. Not every second of every day, but every day as a whole. I'm so glad I get to remember. God is good.


Melissa said...

Ok so this post brought tears to my eyes and makes me want another baby, for a brief second! I'm glad it's all coming back to you!

Meggie said...

Awww! I even felt a little emotional after writing it. It truly is special. Maybe you should consider #3. =)