Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites

My most favorite things from the past 7 days. This week's been a challenge and mama is definitely running on fumes, but I'm so thankful for these blessings. And I'd love to keep up my Friday Favorites because it's reminding me to appreciate and give thanks for all the sweet, good, fun moments of the week... even if it was a crazy, exhausting, stressful one. 
*Last Friday night at the Art Affair I won this:
It's a huge pottery platter of Garrison's PreK class!! It's the piece I really had my eye on from the start because it's such a precious keepsake. It is so sweet with all their little names and self portraits. Such a great way to remember his classmates (many of whom I taught last year) and his PreK year. And honestly it's probably a miracle I was able to afford it. Other parents and grandparents were distracted by another popular piece and allowed me to get a steal on the pottery platter. Yay!! Plus we won a raffle! It was a successful night for sure.

*I discovered these posts on Monday and have been particpating all week. My marriage has been a little neglected lately. Having a new baby is a big adjustment by itself and baby boy has had a really fussy and inconsistent week and that's made it sort of tough to find time for each other... and really appreciate each other... and communicate well... and enjoy one another's company. So I needed a good push to be more intentional this week despite the craziness going on, and it worked! I also loved the Scripture she included. I definitely needed the reminder, the encouragement, and the Word to go along with it this week. 

*While Layton has had a tough week with a growth spurt or tummy issues or a combination of both, he also did something amazing this week... he rolled over! Twice!! Stomach to back two times in a row! Austin did the same thing when he was about a month old and Layton decided to go for it on his 6 weeks birthday. =)

*On Tuesday morning just before Garrison stepped out of the car to go to school Austin said I love you Garrsin... Have a good day in the sweetest, most sincere voice ever. It was PRECIOUS. Garrison told him I love you too... I will! And I melted into a puddle and wished I could bottle up their little voices at this point in time to remember forever. It was just SO sweet and straight from the heart. I still can't get over it. PRECIOUS I tell you.
*Yesterday afternoon Granna and Papa came to our rescue again! Terrell had a "meet and greet" thing after work, Garrison had baseball practice, and I had committed to taking a meal to our friends and neighbors. Crazy how everything fell on the same night. So my dad took Garrison to baseball and my mom helped me with Austin and Layton and then kept them while I delivered food. They ate supper with us and gave the big boys a bath before heading home. Big, big thanks to Granna and Papa for all their help!! Grandparents really are the best!
*This morning my baby boy smiled at me several times! SUCH an amazing feeling!! I was so happy about it I even shed a few tears. It was the best way start to my Friday as I woke up super tired and sleepy. I can't wait for more and more of those smiles... and to sleep again. Ha!
Happy Friday!!

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