Thursday, March 13, 2014


Two weekends ago while we were at my parents' house I did a quick photo shoot with my 3 little men. It was very short and sweet... and a little challenging when it came to getting a picture of all 3 of them, but I thought they turned out pretty great. I wanted posed pictures of all the brothers in their biggest, big, and baby brother shirts (before they outgrow them) and after one incident with major spit up, mission accomplished. Yay!

My biggest!

My big!
My baby!
The best big brothers ever. They even sing Layton a song every time he cries. Don't cry little Layton, your big brothers are here. *Repeat 10 times. It's the sweetest little tune. I even hum it sometimes. =)  
They are all so blessed to have each other. And I am beyond blessed to have them! And these pictures just crack me up. They definitely capture reality right now. Yay for brothers!

And yay for being mama to these 3. They melt my heart daily. Oh how I love them!

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