Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Success

We had a really good, really normal weekend. Woohoo! Terrell was relatively pain-free all weekend, we had some down time, we enjoyed our family time, and we finally made it back to church. Weekend success all around!

On Friday night we had leftovers for supper and then let the boys start the movie Tarzan. Watching a movie after supper on Friday nights is becoming a new tradition that my big boys love. They got to watch the first half of the movie Friday night and the second half Saturday night. There were some scary parts (according to Garrison) and one pretty sad part (mental note: avoid movies with sad parts... no Lion King or Bambi for my biggest), but other than that they both loved it. We've decided our big boys are ready for a movie at the theater now. =)

Saturday morning we all slept in and then Terrell took Garrison to baseball practice. Thank you Lord! My mama heart couldn't handle another one of those for a while. Terrell was able to take him to Thursday's practice as well and has been helping coach. This has made a big difference to us. We're both feeling a little better about the season since getting to know the head coach and other dads better. And it always helps having daddy on the field as an assistant. We still aren't totally thrilled with the intensity and competitiveness for this age, but at least we're feeling more at peace about it.

While Garrison was at practice, Austin got to make a Skittle rainbow. First he sorted them by color...
Then he made his rainbow. It was a big hit. Especially getting to sample one of every color afterwards.
During naptime, Garrison got to do the same little activity and here's his finished product. We may have to use St. Patrick's Day as an excuse to do this every year.
Saturday afternoon was spent outside for my big boys while Layton and I bought groceries. Saturday was just a fun, easy day. (If you don't count Layton having a super long fussy spell during the evening.) We even made a final decision about Easter outfits Saturday night after the boys were in bed. Since Easter is later this year and it should be pretty warm, we're going a little more casual. The past 2 years the boys have either worn sweater vests over long sleeve button-up shirts or shirts and ties. This year will be different. And they won't match perfectly. BUT, I think the boys will coordinate well... and so will we as a family. Yay!

We made it back to church yesterday morning. So we just had to document the occasion.

We even figured out how to squeeze into a family selfie and still made it to church on time. =) 
We had a pretty productive Sunday afternoon filled with laundry, a little cleaning, and a few errands. Then, we made a last minute decision to move Layton to his nursery. While it was nice to have him in the pack 'n play in our room for the first month (especially while Terrell was hurt and couldn't help during the night), we felt it was time. Naps were hard in there because we were in and out, plus we always had to sort of tip toe around... getting ready in the mornings, going to bed at night, etc. And our room was pretty cluttered with the glider and pack 'n play and using our dresser as a little changing station. So we were ready to have our room back. I'm so thankful to report that Layton had a great night! The evening was a little tough and it took him a while to get settled for bed, but after I fed him around 9:45 he only woke up once. Yay!

I am so thankful for the weekend God blessed us with. Now it's off to Terrell's follow-up appointment. We're praying for clear answers about the next step.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from my guys in green!

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