Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Animals at School

My big boys got a special treat today that they were both sooo excited about. A petting zoo came to our school! Both of their classes got a turn to visit "the zoo" at back to back times first thing this morning so it worked out perfect for me to be there with them both. (This was seriously a huge blessing. Working everything around feeding Layton is a challenge. It's worth it but man is it difficult sometimes.) They got a special treat visiting the zoo and I got a special treat watching them. They were so adorable.

Garrison started off super safe.... brushing the alpaca
Carefully stroking the bunny...
Feeding the goat....
And then he finally held one. A sweet little one week old guinea pig. He was thrilled. =)
After that he was a pro and brought over several different bunny rabbits to show me. He had a blast.
Then it was Austin's turn. He walked right in and just started animal whispering. Ha!
He was especially fond of the alpaca... or "little horsey" as he called it.
He even got a turn walking it around the playground. This was the cutest thing ever as he said Come on little horsey, this way little horsey all over the playground. I thought he was a natural. =)
The bunny rabbits were a big hit but a little too fast for him to grab and hold.
Instead he got a turn, with a little help, holding the newborn guinea pig. And he gave me his best chesse face. Love. (And if you look closely you can see Layton's stroller in the background. I think he slept through the whole experience.)

The petting zoo and having animals at school was a BIG DEAL to my babies. It was pretty priceless getting to watch them all morning. I'm so thankful for our school and for my animal lovers. =)

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