Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

This week has been BUSY with a side of stressful. It's been filled with doctor's appointments, school screenings and conferences, joining a group Bible study for the first time ever, a baseball game, and the usual keeping up with 3 busy little boys, but in the midst of all the craziness it's been filled with gifts and blessings. We've had a pretty great week and I am overwhelmed with gratefulness on this Friday morning.

*My mom surprised me with this beautiful new wreath for Easter!! I absolutely love it and hope I still spoil my grown children even when they're 30. =) 
*My mom also gave us lots of new spring and summer clothes for the boys and I finally got them all washed and put away. This is a HUGE blessing to us every year! Thanks Granna!!

*On Monday while the big boys were at school, my littlest man went with me to the grocery store. Can you find him? Bless his heart. Despite being practically covered with groceries, he did great and napped the whole time.
*On Tuesday my sister came over to keep Austin and Layton while Terrell and I went to Garrison's PreK conference. Our biggest boy is ready for Kindergarten. We are soooo thankful for his teachers this year. School has been so fun for him all year long and he has learned so much. We know he has a great foundation (if the foundation starts in PreK now...) for big school. Graduation is coming soon!Thanks to AnAn for her baby-sitting duties during her own Spring Break!

*Terrell surprised me with sweetest card and gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure this week! I pretty much burst into tears when I read the card. Since Layton was born things have just been CRAZY for our entire household (especially me) with Terrell's back and leg issues. Terrell literally hasn't been 100% since we got home from the hospital and now that he's had surgery he's been even more limited with what he can do. It's been overwhelming and exhausting for me lots. But Terrell wrote me a sweet, sweet thank you note and just knowing how much he loves and appreciates me keeps me going and melts my heart. And, getting a manicure and pedicure is a BIG DEAL. I rarely ever go get my nails or toes done because it isn't convenient since I don't have baby-sitters nearby and honestly it's one of those sacrifices I've made because I want to stay home. We are on a super tight, super frugal budget and this "luxury" just isn't a part of it. So this was like the sweetest, most thoughtful gift ever. Oh how I love him!  
*Terrell's mom came over this week to keep Layton and while she was here she cleaned my house! Like the whole thing! Oh what a blessing!! Thanks Nana!

*My mom came over to keep Austin this week and she did my laundry! We're caught up on everything around here thanks to Granna and Nana! I'm telling you, the blessings overflowed this week and we really felt God's grace.

*Garrison finally had an early game that the whole fam got to go out and enjoy. I love watching my big boy in the field.

*Austin enjoyed the game with a snack.

*And Layton enjoyed the game after a little nap. It really was fun for the whole family. Yay!

*Yesterday afternoon it worked out that Layton was napping when me and the big boys went outside to play.... which led to an afternoon of batting practice. We all had so much fun. They took turns hitting and there was no fighting or drama and we just had some good quality time together while baby brother napped. I worked on my pitching skills while they worked on their batting. =)

*Tonight is family date night... we're venturing out to a restaurant (just the 5 of us) for the first time. Garrison has been begging for Jim 'n Nicks so that's where we're heading. Hope it's stress free and relaxing for all of us. Hahaha.

*Happy Friday and Happy 40th Anniversary (Sunday) to my parents!!! We love y'all!!

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