Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Favorites: Easter Week Edition

My favorites from the week:

*Layton wore this outfit on Palm Sunday... it was Garrison's first Easter outfit. Just precious.
*And here's my firstborn on his very first Easter. (They are pretty much the exact same age in these pictures.)
*Bathtime sweetness! (Layton looks bald in this picture. Haha. Too cute.)
*My big boys LOVE a bubble bath. It always guarantees an extra long bathtime with very little drama at all. Bubble baths are awesome. =)
*Smiles and coos from my littlest have melted my heart over and over this week!

*Austin's class had their Easter egg hunt on Wednesday and were so adorable. He's the oldest in his class with his September 3rd birthday, and I think that may have given him the egg hunt advantage. =)

*Then on yesterday Garrison's class had their egg hunt. The big PreKers had eggs that were labeled with a number 1 through 20 and were then assigned a numbered egg to look for. Garrison got the number 3 and had to hunt for eggs labeled with a 3. This made for a fair, educational, and longer than normal egg hunt for the big kids. Garrison loved it... but I think he's going to appreciate a "traditional" egg hunt this weekend too.

*Terrell had out-patient back surgery on Wednesday and we are SO thankful for how well the surgery went and for how smoothly the recovery is going. This week has been a little wild with all we've had going on but God has been faithful. I've definitely had my moments of feeling overwhelmed but we're making it. It's not always pretty but we're all here getting through it together. Hopefully once Terrell fully recovers and we get through another crazy week of appointments next week we can settle in and catch our breath. That's our prayer for sure!

HUGE thanks to Terrell's mom and my parents for helping us out this week!! I have been stretched thin all week and having them here has been the biggest blessing! It's never easy or convenient to be off of work and travel an hour here and back so we are soooo appreciative of them and their sacrifices this week!

Happy Easter Weekend! Beyond grateful that He is Risen!! 

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